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Immobilization, Towing & Revocation of Privileges

a. Any vehicle accumulating three (3) or more delinquent parking violations (fines not paid within 7 calendar days of issuance) is a scofflaw. Public Safety may place an immobilizing device (boot) on any scofflaw. 

b. Any vehicle operator who flagrantly disobeys the university's parking and traffic rules and regulations by having six (6) or more parking tickets in one semester (not including those successfully appealed), will have their vehicle immobilized each time their vehicle is parked in a manner in violation of these regulations. If the number of violations reaches ten (10) or more in a given semester, the operator is subject to having their parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the academic semester in which the violations occur, plus an additional semester.

c. Operators who have had their vehicle immobilized (booted) twice in the course of one academic year will lose their parking privilege for the academic year or a six (6) month period, whichever is greater. 

d. The immobilizer ("boot") incurs a $50.00 removal fee in addition to payment of all parking fines and penalties accrued to date for release of the offending vehicle. The person claiming the vehicle must show a registration card for the vehicle and a valid driver's license. 

e. Fines associated with any booted vehicle must be paid within 72 hours of booting to avoid having the vehicle towed to a privately owned impounding lot. All related expenses are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and operator.

 f. Individuals who are under suspension or revocation, who continue to park on the grounds of the University shall be fined in accordance with the regulation, in addition to being subject to having their vehicle towed to an impound lot without notice. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for towing expenses and any other additional impound charges. The University Traffic Bureau will also review the case relative to further extending the length of time for the loss of parking privileges.