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Parking Enforcement

a. Enforcement of vehicle regulations upon all persons using University property will be prompt, impartial, and certain. Such enforcement is the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety and Police Services.

b. Students may park in white lined spaces only. Specific lot assignments are made based upon residency status and level of coursework. Students are not permitted to park in yellow or green lined spaces or any area that is signed or marked as reserved at any time.

c. In all lots, spots painted with yellow lines are assigned to staff/faculty only. Spots assigned to visitors are painted green. Staff may not park in green lines spaces at any time.

d. All Kutztown University traffic and parking regulations pertaining to reserved parking spaces are applied and enforced all year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including when classes are not in session.

e. All drivers are assigned to park in specific locations on campus. All vehicles parked on campus during fall and spring semesters, Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM TO 4:30 PM, are required to display a parking permit and to be parked in their assigned lot(s). Outside of this time frame, vehicles without decals may be parked in white-line spaces across campus except as noted below.

f.  Vehicles belonging to resident underclassmen and assigned to the Fairgrounds lot are restricted to that lot at all times during the fall and spring semesters, except to load/unload belongings as stated in section V, sub-section E.

g. Lot F3 (behind Old Main) is restricted to staff parking only 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

h. Lot B1 (by Grim) is restricted to staff and visitor parking only 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

i.   Lots with parking meters: Parking meter areas are enforced Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Meter parking is limited to one (1) hour during this time frame. After the hour expires, the vehicle must be relocated to another parking lot or removed from campus.

j.   Violators of parking offenses in non-metered areas are subject to receiving one ticket every four (4) hours for the same offense.

k.  Violators of parking offenses in metered spaces are subject to receiving one ticket every two (2) hours for the same offense.

l.   Between semesters and over the summer months, parking in other white and yellow line spaces is allowable without a permit, unless otherwise determined by Public Safety.

m.  All parts of the vehicle (not just the tires) must be inside the designated parking space and not impede traffic flow or parking in adjacent spaces or roadways in any manner.

n.  If there are no lines or signage indicating a valid parking space, parking is not permitted.

o.  Ignorance of any regulations concerning the operation or parking of a vehicle on any University property is not valid justification to request that a fine or penalty be waived. All members of the University community and visitors are expected to be familiar with these regulations and subsequent revisions.

p.  When a vehicle has been loaned to another person and is subsequently issued a ticket, the person to whom the vehicle is registered is responsible for such violation.

q.  Posted and/or reserved spaces are restricted 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. At no time may a vehicle not authorized by Public Safety and Police Services be parked in such spaces.

r.   Fire lanes and other "no parking areas" are color coded yellow, where possible. No one may park in these areas without special permission or in an emergency situation.

s.   No parking or operation of vehicles by any driver is permitted on grass, curbed areas, driveways, fire lanes, walks, or sodded areas on any part of campus without the permission of Public Safety & Police Services. Exceptions to this rule include service, emergency, and maintenance vehicles during the performance of work.

t.   All motor vehicles are operated and/or parked on university property at the owner's risk. The University assumes no responsibility for any damage sustained or any loss by fire, theft, accident, or vandalism, et al.

u.  Weather conditions do not alter parking regulations, unless an emergency is declared and announced by University officials.