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Enforcement, Fines

The following fines may be levied to any vehicle parked or operated on the Kutztown University campus in violation of these regulations:

a. Illegal Use of Handicap Permit/No HP Permit Displayed

Use of a posted handicapped space is restricted by law to vehicles occupied by persons who are handicapped and which bear an authorized Handicapped plate or placard. (See Title 75 section 3354(d)(1)(2)(3).) It is not legal for any person to use parking set aside for the Handicapped when the person for whom the Handicapped plate or placard is not in the vehicle.

The occupant of the vehicle to whom the handicap placard was issued must present a valid state-issued handicap ID card (that was received with the plate or placard) to an officer or agent when requested, in order to verify ownership of the plate/placard. Failure to provide such documentation will result in the issuance of a handicap parking violation.

Bearers of a handicap placard or plate who fail to display the handicap permit but provide the appropriate documentation to Public Safety within 24 hours of receiving the handicap parking violation may have a violation voided no more than one time per fiscal year (July 1-June30).

Handicapped violations may not be appealed.

Handicap parking violations are issued at a rate of $125.

b. Special Parking Violation

Any vehicle parked in a parking spot signed "Special Parking" at any time without the proper permit is in violation of these regulations and subject to a $50 fine.

c.  Fraudulent Registration/Displaying a Fraudulent/Altered/Lost/Stolen Permit

Any person who purchases, uses or displays a University parking permit in violation of these regulations shall be issued a ticket for fraudulent registration. Fraudulent registration includes but is not limited to:

1. Purchase of a parking permit in another student's name;

2. Purchase of a permit to be used by someone other than the person who is registering the vehicle;

3. Use of another's person permit;

4. Registration of a vehicle which is to be used by a person not authorized for University parking;

5. Use of a Visitor pass by Faculty, Staff, or Student;

6. Alteration to, duplication of or counterfeit of a permit;

7. Misrepresentation of an individual's eligibility (including local address) to secure a University parking permit

Any person found in possession of a lost or stolen permit will have their parking privileges revoked for a period of not fewer than six (6) months, nor more than one (1) year. They also face the possibility of having charges filed against them under the most appropriate section(s) of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

There shall be no refunds on registrations voided due to fraudulent registration.

Fraudulent registration parking violations are issued at a rate of $100.

d. Impeding Access by Emergency Vehicles (blocking fire lanes, gates, hydrants; emergency vehicle parking)

Any vehicle that restricts traffic flow in signed or marked areas for the purpose to maintain a safe and adequate access for emergency vehicles will receive a fine in the amount of $50.

e. Illegal Parking

A parking space is defined by two parallel lines, painted white for students, yellow for staff and faculty, and green for visitors. Vehicles not positioned between two parallel lines are illegally parked.

No parking, no matter how brief, is permitted on lawns, driveways, traffic lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, fire lanes, or any other non-designated areas of the campus. Vehicles should not block rubbish containers or loading docks. Violators will be towed.

Illegal parking violations are issued at a rate of $30.

f. Failure to Register Vehicle and Display Valid Permit

Any vehicle parked on University property without displaying a valid and proper permit is subject to a $40 fine.

g. Unauthorized Parking

No vehicle shall be parked in a lot or area other than that assigned to the designated permit. Any vehicle that is parked in a manner that is in violation of these regulations shall be issued a ticket for unauthorized parking. Unauthorized parking includes parking:

1.  in a manner that fails to conform with signage or markings;

2.  in a spot or lot other than that to which it has been assigned;

3.  in a signed or marked reserved space which restricts the use of them to vehicles approved by Public Safety. Such spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No vehicle will be parked in a lot or area other than that assigned to the designated permit. Areas will be posted with an appropriate sign to indicate the type, hours of authorized parking, and time limitations.

Unauthorized parking violations are issued at a rate of $20.

h. Inclement Weather/Snow Fine

Any vehicle parked in an area restricted by a temporary order of the Department of Public Safety and Police Services due to severe weather or any other hazardous condition which may impede the protection of life and property will receive this fine.

Such restriction shall be made by Public Safety and shall be communicated to staff, faculty and students through various means.

Parking a vehicle in a lot designated as an emergency snow lot from November 15th through March 15th between the hours of 12 midnight until 6:00 AM is a violation of this policy.

Violators are subject to a fine of $30 and having their vehicle towed.

i. Temporary or No Parking Order

Vehicles parked in areas restricted by temporary signage or traffic control devices for a specific period of time because of emergency or special events are considered to be in violation of these regulations.

Such signs shall take precedence over any other parking or regulatory signs and shall be complied with, accordingly.

Violators are subject to a fine of $30 and having their vehicle towed.

j. Parking at an Inoperable/Expired Meter/Parking in Excess of One Hour Violation

Expired time on a parking meter is subject to a $10.00 fine for expired meter violation. Violators are subject to receiving one ticket every 2 (two) hours for the same offense.

Meter parking is limited to one (1) hour during enforcement hours.

Vehicles parked in a spot with an inoperable meter are in violation of this policy.

k. Moving Violation

A moving violation occurs whenever a traffic law is violated by a vehicle in motion.

1. Reckless Driving: driving or using any motor vehicle in a manner, which unreasonably interferes with the free and proper use of the roadways or unreasonably endangers users of the roadways or pedestrians.

2. Speeding: driving in excess of posted speed limits.

3. Driving on Unpaved Areas or Non-Roadways: operating a motor vehicle on any unpaved area of the campus unless such operation is at the direction of Public Safety.

4. Failure to Obey Posted Instructions: includes disobeying one-way signs, stop signs, yield to pedestrians and other posted instructions, by signage, painting or other visible markers, that control the operation of motor vehicles.

Violators are subject to a fine of $25.

l. Improper Display of Permit

Vehicles must display only current decals placed on the vehicle as instructed by Public Safety. All other expired decals of Kutztown University must be removed.

Violators are subject to a $20 fine.

m. Warning

Warning Citations are issued in certain circumstances for a first time parking violation. If a vehicle remains parked in violation of a parking regulation, a monetary fine citation may be issued even if a warning citation was issued during the same day.

A warning carries no fine.

n. Failure to Update Vehicle Information on Registered Vehicle Within 48 Hours

Registration of a vehicle is linked to a specific vehicle with a specific license plate. Failure to present an updated vehicle registration to Public Safety within 48 hours of the change in information will result in a fine of $20.

o.  Failure to Obey the Directions of the Security Staff in Execution of Duties

Drivers who fail to follow the instructions issued to them by Public Safety personnel in the execution of their duties are in violation of this policy.

The violation may be added to the vehicle's registration account in lieu of being placed on the vehicle if the driver leaves the scene or doing so would threaten the safety of the personnel.

Failure to obey carries a $20 fine.