Important Reminder for KU Students

Dear KU Students,

With the upcoming St. Patrick Day celebrations, we want to remind our students to be safe and to act responsibility both on and off campus.  While the vast majority of our students have been exemplary in how they conduct themselves in the community and at the time of these holidays, there have been serious violations of policy and law in the past by a small minority.

While we recognize the right of Kutztown University students to lawfully have celebrations, they also have a responsibility to be good citizens and responsible neighbors.  Behavior such as littering, public drunkenness, noise violations and damaging property are all against the law.  Any student found in violation of the law will have their name forwarded to the judicial board for action.  We fully support the mayor, local police and others in the community in their efforts to enforce the law.  We are working with university and community leaders to identify ways we can better control unlawful and destructive actions on the part of both students and non-students.

As a refresher, please be sure to review the Student Code of Conduct on page 29 in The Key at

Despite what we see in the mass media, binge drinking is not a common practice for most students and can result in serious consequences.  The legal repercussions could harm a student's career and there are serious health risks associated with heavy drinking.  Please be aware that most sexual assaults include the abuse of alcohol.  Be aware that photos and other postings of inappropriate behavior on social media could have devastating effects on a student's future.

At the St. Patrick Day events, and as the spring weather approaches and more of us head outdoors, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of ways that they can be attentive to their personal safety.  While the campus and surrounding community is a relatively safe environment, we also know that a safe environment does not guarantee that a crime will not happen.

We want to encourage you to implement the following safety habits, not only on campus, but anywhere you go:   *Travel in pairs or in a group - No one gets left behind.

*Always be aware of your surroundings.  Remember: head phones and texting take away from your ability to know what is happening around you.

*Take advantage of the KU Police Escorts when traversing campus at night.   Call 610-683-4002 on your cell phone, or x34002 on a campus phone.

*Note the location of the campus blue light phones.  They will directly alert University Police of your location on campus when activated.

*If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, make a scene.  On-campus, call University Police at 610-683-4001 (x34001).   Off campus, dial 911.

*Use well-lit walkways and pathways on and off campus.

*Sign up for a RAD Course (Rape Aggression Defense Course). These courses are sponsored by University Police, with several upcoming dates planned.  Call 610-683-4002 (x34002) for information.

Ultimately, please remember that behavior and personal safety are a team effort.   We must always remain respectful and vigilant no matter where we are - on campus, at home, in the borough and during travel.  Look out for each other.  Respect each other and your neighbors.  By working together, we can make our campus and surrounding community a better place for everyone.

Thank you for your consideration and for your cooperation.

Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson

Dr. Donavan McCargo
Dean of Students