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Crime Statistics Report

Convinced that an informed public is a safety-conscious public, Kutztown provides all information related to the safety and security of the campus community. The University willingly complies with all laws pertaining to the reporting of crime and the public's right to information. Kutztown also maintains strict compliance with the Clery Act as well as all other laws governing the release of crime statistics and personal information.

This information reflects campus crime, arrest and referral statistics as reported to Kutztown University's department of Public Safety and Police Services, members of the Divisions of Academic and Student Affairs as well as Finance and Administration, Campus Security Authorities, and local law enforcement agencies.

Statistics of Clery Crimes Reported: 2013-2015


In 2013, Kutztown University did not receive any reports of hate crimes.

In 2014, Kutztown University received two reports of hate crimes:destruction, damage or vandalism of property that occurred on campus. Both showed racial bias and occurred on-campus but not in a residential facility.

In 2015, Kutztown University did not receive any reports of hate crimes.


Kutztown University leases space during the academic year at various non-contiguous locations. The following chart shows the crime statistics for each of these locations along with the physical address and the Police Department with primary jurisdiction. These statistics are included in the main Crime Statistics Chart in this booklet, but are shown separately to provide additional information about each specific location.

These statistics reflect crimes that occurred when KU had control of the space and only the crimes that occurred in those spaces plus any other areas of the building that KU students or employees use to access it.

Non-Campus Locations Crime Report: 2013-2015


In addition to the crime statistics required by the Clery Act, the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Act requires the release of crime statistics and their rates to students, employees, new employees and applicants for admission. The index rate is calculated based on the actual number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students and employees, calculated according to a state-mandated formula and includes statistics from a geographic area that extends beyond the campus. These statistics reported reflect crimes as reported to the KUPD and are compiled in accordance with Pennsylvania Act 1988-73 and the College and University Information Act.

UCR Crime Statistics Report for 2013-2015

Student Employee FTE Equivalency Chart