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Registrar FAQs

How does the Add/Drop Period work?

Add/Drop period begins the first day of the regular, 15 week Fall or Spring semester. The Add/drop period provides students with one full week plus the weekend to add or drop courses without receiving a "W" grade. Classes dropped during this period will not appear on a student's transcript. (Please note that add/drop for Summer and Winter semesters will differ from the period indicated above. Please see the Academic Calendar on the Registrar's Office Homepage for details.)

Students can make these adjustments themselves through MyKU, below are links to instructions on how to add or drop a class.

Add a Class
Drop a Class

How does a student go about withdrawing from a single course?

Students may withdraw from a single course with a grade of 'W' between the 2nd and 10th week of the semester. Students must come to the Registrar's Office in order to withdraw from a course. Once the 10th week deadline has passed, students will be held accountable for and graded on all coursework, exams, etc. until the completion of the semester.

Check out the 'How to Withdraw from a Class' video on the Registrar's Office YouTube Channel!

Types of transcripts: Request a Transcript

Official: Printed on official paper, in a sealed and officially stamped envelope. Typically used for: employment, transferring to another school, verifications of enrollment, military etc.            

Un-Official: Printed on plain white paper with KU letterhead, in a plain envelope. Typically for student use only and can be printed through the student center on MyKU.

How can a student obtain a verification of enrollment?

Any student can request a verification of enrollment by filling out the Verification of Enrollment request form.  Students typically need this for their parent's insurance, certain discounts, scholarships, etc. 

Get the enrollment verification form here or pick it up in the Registrar's Office. 

How can a student change their name?

Legal Name: Students are able to change their legal names by filling out the Student Change of Name form and providing documentation of the name change. (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Court Order)

Get the Student Change of Name form here.

Preferred NameStudents can change their preferred name by filling out the Preferred Name Change Request form, this preferred name will not affect the legal name being displayed through MyKU and other official records (i.e. transcripts, diplomas, financial records etc.). The preferred name is applicable only for Kutztown internal systems. 

Get the Preferred Name Change Request form here.

What does a student need to do to gain re-admission to Kutztown University?

The university welcomes the return of all students who did not complete their degree requirements. In order to be readmitted a student needs to fill out the Readmission Application. If the student has taken classes at another institution they will need to provide official transcripts from each college or university attended. 

Get the Readmission Application here or in the Registrar's Office.

How can a student change their major, minor or academic advisor?

For a student to request a change they would need to meet with the department of their new major. Individual academic departments often have special criteria that must be satisfied before approval of a change of major is granted. Students should check the college and department requirements carefully before making such a request.  The change in request becomes effective only after all required signatures have been attained and the form is processed by the Registrar's Office. 

What should students do if they wish to study at another university/college?

Students wishing to study at another university/college and transfer the credits earned back to Kutztown University must obtain permission from Kutztown University in writing prior to enrollment.

Get the Permission to Study form here or pick it up in the Registrar's Office.

Students taking Business core courses will need approval from their College Dean.

Students in Elementary Education will need the department chair's approval for all courses.

The university/college at which the student wishes to study must be a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Grades earned in courses taken will not be included in determining a student's grade point average. However, a minimum grade of "C-" must be earned for the credit to be accepted at Kutztown University.

To evaluate what a course will transfer in as the students can use the transfer course evaluator

How many credits can a student in Poor Academic Standing register for?

Academic Warning: A student on Academic Warning can only register for 15 credits in the subsequent semester.            

Academic Probation: A student on Academic Probation can only register for 15 credits in the subsequent semester. 

How can students bring up their grade point average (Q.P.A. or G.P.A.)?

Quality Point Average or Grade Point Average (These terms are synonymous - different universities use these interchangeably).

One way for students to bring up their grade point average (GPA) is to repeat courses in which they feel they could earn a higher grade.

Students are also able to utilize summer and winter sessions to repeat classes as well as take other classes to raise their GPA.

Students also have access to CASA (Center for Academic Success and Achievement) on campus which provides academic help as well as student tutors.(Note: Repeats of passed courses (A, B, C, D) do not count toward the academic progress requirements for financial aid). 

How does the Course Repeat Policy work?

Undergraduate: All Undergraduate students will be limited to a maximum total of six repeats at Kutztown University. A single course can be taken a maximum of three times and the most recent grade (regardless of whether it is higher or lower) will be the grade used for the GPA calculation.            

Graduate: Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students can repeat a single course for graduate improvement only once. They will be limited to a maximum of two repeats across the program. The most recent grade (regardless of whether it's higher or lower) will be the grade used for the GPA calculation.

What is an incomplete grade and how long do I have to make it up?

An incomplete is the grade awarded to students who have not satisfied all requirements of a given course. If an incomplete is not completed within the given time frame the grade will turn to an "F".                        

Undergraduate: Students have ten weeks into the next semester (Fall/Spring) to complete their course work.                                

Graduate: Students have one year from the time the incomplete grade is assigned to complete their course work.

How do transfer credits work at Kutztown University?

Transfer credits will be evaluated once an official transcript is received by the university.

Transfer credits will not be granted for any course previously taken at Kutztown and passed with a "D" or higher.

Transfer credit evaluations can be challenged by contacting the Registrar's Office and providing a description or a syllabus from the course. 

What do I need to do to add my CLEP credits to my transcript?

An official score report must be sent from the College Board directly to:

Testing Services, Kutztown University, Room 201, Graduate Center
P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530.

Please contact College Board to order your official score report.

For CLEP, please visit their website:

What do I need to do to have to have my AP Credits transferred to Kutztown University?

An official score report must be sent from the College Board directly to:  

Testing Services, Kutztown University, Room 201, Graduate Center  

P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, PA 19530.

Grades of '3' or higher on some AP exams may be considered for credit at KU.

For AP information, please visit their website:

What is a Leave of Absence and how can I request one?

Any full or part-time student in good standing (cumulative GPA 2.00+) may request a leave of absence from the university. A leave of absence may be granted for one semester, with the possibility of renewal for a consecutive semester, upon approval of the Registrar.

To request a leave students will need to fill out the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form here and return it to the Registrar's Office.

Students will be notified by mail if their leave is approved or denied; if their leave is denied the student will be permanently withdrawn.

How does a student go about withdrawing from the university? 

Any student leaving the university must permanently withdraw. The student should contact the Registrar's Office to initiate the formal withdrawal process. The date the Registrar's Office receives the withdrawal form with the student's original signature is the student's official date of withdrawal from the university.

Please note that failure to complete the withdrawal process may result in failing grades in all courses being taken at the time of withdrawal. If the student completes the withdrawal process with the Registrar's Office prior to the end of the 12th week, the student will receive 'W' grades for all courses. After the 12th week, there is no permanent withdrawal from the university.

Get the withdrawal form here or at the Registrar's Office.

When can students apply for graduation?

Students may apply for graduation the semester before they will complete their degree requirements. The deadline to apply for graduation is the 2nd week of the semester in which they are planning to graduate. Students can apply for graduation through MyKU under the "My Academics" tab in their student center. 

Can I participate in the graduation ceremony without meeting my degree requirements?

Students can participate in the graduation ceremony with up to 6 credits or 1 internship left to complete. To obtain permission to walk, fill out a Permission to Walk form in the Registrar's Office.