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Final Exam Conflict Resolution

Final Exam Conflict Resolution Policy - Undergraduate Students

This applies to undergraduate students whom have a conflict of two final examinations at the same time, or three or more in one day. 

In the event the conflict(s) cannot be resolved informally with the instructor(s), the student may seek a resolution in the following manner:

1. Complete the Final Examination Conflict Resolution Form by the end of week ten of the semester. If the student does not apply by this date, the conflict(s) may not be resolved to the student's satisfaction.

2. Present this form to the instructor with the highest numbered course to schedule an alternate time to take the final examination during final examination week. If conflicting final examinations are for the same numbered course, the course with the largest enrollment will take precedence; that is, the smaller enrolled course final examination needs to be rescheduled.

3. If the necessary rescheduling cannot be resolved through the instructor(s) involved and both courses are in the same college, the academic dean will make the rescheduling decision.

4. If the rescheduling cannot be resolved through the instructors and the courses are in different colleges, the Provost will make the rescheduling decision.

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