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Petitions and Appeals

Grade Dispute:

Grade Appeal Policy

What is the Grade Appeal Policy?

The Grade Appeal Policy provides a process for redress of grievance between a student and a faculty member concerning a final grade in a course taken at Kutztown University.

Two important points to be kept in mind concerning the application of this policy are:

  1. All uses of the word "grade" in this policy refer to the final grade in a course;
  2. The Grade Appeal Board (GAB) may consider approving changes only to P (pass) and W (withdraw). Any requests for changes to specific letter grades, therefore -- a change from a D to a C, for example -- would not be considered by the GAB.

Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness:

Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness Policy

Academic Forgiveness Application (PDF)

Academic readiness and situational factors may affect the academic performance of undergraduate students, especially first-time students, in the university setting. For a variety of reasons, including poor performance, students separate from the university and involve themselves in work and other life experiences. At present, students with a history of poor performance who choose to return to Kutztown University after years of separation often face obstacles created by their previous academic record.

Undergraduate Exceptions Committee (UEC):

The Undergraduate Exceptions Committee (UEC) reviews petitions of individual students wishing to have a specific regulation waived for just cause.

For questions regarding the Undergraduate Exceptions Committee process and meeting dates, please contact the Student Advocate in the Office of the Registrar:

Ben Trout

 How do I complete the petition? 

Please click here to complete the UEC petition. Follow the directions on page two of the petition; you may also contact the Student Advocate.

Are all signatures required?

Yes, all signatures are REQUIRED (i.e. Department Chair, Academic Advisor).

Must the Financial Aid Consultation Form be completed?

Committee decisions may negatively impact financial aid packages. If you receive(d) Financial Aid, you MUST have the Financial Aid Consultation Form completed by a Financial Aid Consultant. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office. Petitions will NOT be accepted without a completed form.

Where do I submit my petition?

 Students may submit ONE of the following ways:

Office of the Registrar, Kutztown University

115 Stratton Administration Building

Kutztown, PA 19530

Fax: 610-683-1586


How will I be notified the results of my petition?

The petitioner will be notified in writing of the committee action.

Registrar Office Hours

Regular Semester Hours

Monday-Friday | 8:00am-4:30pm

Summer Hours

Monday-Friday | 8:00am-4:00pm


email |

phone | 610.683.4485

fax | 610.683.1586