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Are You Ready to Register?

  1. Make an appointment to see your advisor to select your semester courses.
  2. You advisor will remove your "Advisor Registration Block" upon conclusion of your advising appointment.
  3. Access Secure Login at or via the Campus Portal.
  4. Click the Self Service menu item.
  5. Next, click the student center link.
  6. If you have an enrollment appointment, it will appear in this box. An enrollment appointment is the time period in which you can enroll for a particular term prior to the open enrollment period.
  7. To view your enrollment appointment or open enrollment dates, click the details link.
  8. If you have any holds, a negative service indicator will appear at the top of your screen under student services center. You will need to contact the appropriate office to clear the hold before registering. You should also note the date and time at which you can register. We have assigned different time slots for students according to credits completed.

Let's Get Registered

MyKU Login

MyKU Mobile

To register online for any course that requires instructor/department approval, first contact the department offering the course to obtain department approval. Without prior online approval from the department, you will be denied enrollment for that course/section.

Need Help Registering?

Please click the link in order to view the MyKU Registration Process guide.


Drop/Add Policy:

Effective Fall 2014, the Drop/Add Policy will provide students with one full week, plus the weekend (excluding holidays) to drop or add courses without penalty.


Course Catalogs and Course Information

I. Course Catalog


Academic Support:

I. Academic Enrichment & Tutoring Services

II. Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA)

III. Counseling and Psychological Services

IV. Disability Services



Registrar Office Hours

Regular Semester Hours

Monday-Friday | 8:00am-4:30pm

Summer Hours

Monday-Friday | 8:00am-4:00pm


email |

phone | 610.683.4485

fax | 610.683.1586