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Program to Program / Transfer Credits

What is TAOC?

The Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee (TAOC):

The Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee (TAOC) was established under section 24 P.S. §20-2004-C of Article XX-C of the Public institution Code of 1949. The committee reports to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. TAOC is charged with establishing course equivalency standards; identifying a minimum of 30 hours of foundation courses for transfer at each of the 14 PASSHE and 14 community college institutions; resolving any conflict resulting from any of the above processes; working with PDE to develop a system for reporting transfer data; and working with PDE to develop an ePortal system ( that serves as a public entryway to data and information relevant to transfer and articulation.

What is a PAC?

Program Articulation Committees (PACs)

Recognizing the importance if of having faculty, administrators and personnel from both two- and four-year participating institutions involved in the statewide program-to-program articulation process, the Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee (TAOC) determined each PAC shall include 13 members representing the three sectors (community colleges, state-owned universities, opt-in institutions) and TAOC:

What is the goal of a PAC?

PAC members are charged with developing a statewide program-to-program articulation agreement that allows a student to transfer the full Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Fine Arts degree in the PAC's respective field of study into a parallel bachelor degree program offered at a participating four-year institution with full junior standing. PAC members will work together to identify the competencies required for entry into the field of study at the junior level. The resulting agreement will also build on the 30-credit Transfer Credit Framework that is the basis of the Commonwealth's college credit transfer system. The goal of statewide articulation is not to create a common associate degree program or bachelor degree program in the field of study. Rather, institutions will use the articulation agreement to ensure minimum competency requirements are met at the associate degree level and that students are academically prepared to transfer into the parallel bachelor degree program as juniors.

What Program Articulations are in effect now?

Starting in Fall 2012:

Biology; Business; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth Science; English; Mathematics and Statistics; Environmental Geoscience; Geology; Physical Oceanography; Physics; PK-4 Education; Psychology.

Starting in Fall 2013:

Art; Communications; Criminal Justice; Environmental Science; Geography; History; Modern Languages; Social Work; Sociology.

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