International Trade

Success in international trade requires preparation and planning. For companies in our service region of Pennsylvania, we created the following international trade tools to assist in preparing you to enter overseas markets and for an initial consultation with a trade specialist of the Kutztown University Small Business Development Center.

Click Here for access to the Exporting Frequently Asked Questions.

Click Here for access to the Importing Frequently Asked Questions.

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International Trade Consulting
Your business can benefit from importing and exporting through increased sales and profits. Kutztown University's SBDC provides international trade consulting to ease your transition into the global marketplace. We'll help you:

  • Assess your company's strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine your export readiness
  • Develop an export marketing plan
  • Identify target markets and competitors
  • Decide how and where to sell your good and services
  • Find specific buyers or access assistance from Pennsylvania's overseas trade offices

SBDC Services
International Trade opens up a whole new world of opportunities, but also requires special expertise to succeed. There are many additional ways the SBDC can help prepare you:

  • Obtain global market research
  • Answer specific trade-related questions
  • Train staff for global marketing
  • Identify product codes for imports and exports
  • Negotiate with overseas prospects
  • Contact freight forwarders, attorney, bankers and translators
  • Mitigate cross border risks
  • Develop an international marketing plan
  • Identify solid potential customers
  • Access domestic and international trade shows
  • Fully utilize US and PA export assistance programs
  • Develop strategies for joint ventures and international partnerships

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