WEDnetPA Advanced Technology Training Criteria


  • This grant is available to most industries. However, point-of-sale retail businesses, gaming establishments, employment agencies, government agencies, government owned facilities, educational institutions, training vendors, and non-profit entities are not eligible.


  • Employees are eligible for AT training regardless of job title or company size, as long as there is a clear connection between the training and the employee's current job responsibilities.


  • Eligible training activities will be those that directly improve the advanced technology job skills required for the employee's current position. AT training is defined according to the type and scope of business being conducted by the employer.
  • To be eligible, software product training must conclusively be considered advanced technology.
  • Consumer software products (like word processing, spreadsheet, database, photo/video editing, presentation, publishing, project management, etc.) are not AT eligible.
  • Company-wide software or end user training is not eligible for AT.

Additional Criteria:

  • Total funding cannot exceed the company cap of $50,000 per fiscal year. Any employee reimbursed for AT will not exceed the employee cap of $850. Costs incurred above this amount are the responsibility of the company.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology, rather than Essential Skills, is defined as follows: Using technology/automation, the integration of networked computers and manufacturing operations (e.g. machine tools, control processes) to boost capacity, productivity, and quality.

Types of Eligible Training (not all inclusive):

  • Advanced Machine Operations and Maintenance
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology: includes CAD, CAM, CNC, PLC (see section below)
  • Advanced Software Implementation
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Base Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Information Security
  • Management Information Systems
  • Medical Applications
  • Network Administration
  • Scientific Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Analysis
  • Technology Support
  • Website Design & Development

Please contact your Kutztown University WEDnet Partner for more information

Linda Grove 
WEDnetPA Coordinator
Phone: 1-(717)-825-1132