Cybersecurity Report & Resources

Small Business owners, employees, and valued partners are under attack. In today's interconnected world, securing the digital aspects of your business is imperative. While cybersecurity practice is largely a fear-driven exercise, small businesses stand to gain a market advantage by adopting good defensive practices early on. The Small Business Owner must address cybersecurity in relation to the size and scope of activities, especially when the protection of customer and client data is involved.

Cybersecurity Report

Based on your unique Cybersecurity Survey responses (see an example .pdf version here) we will compile a list of potential actions and helpful resources for you to improve your standing. Cybersecurity reports are only provided for our clients, so schedule your no-cost consultation and become a client!

Cybersecurity Resources

If you would like to brush up on your Cybersecurity best practices before scheduling a consulting session or filling out our survey, please see this Google Drive folder containing publicly available literature and resources we have compiled.