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Sports Medicine Facilities

Kutztown University provides its student-athletes with a professional new facility to receive treatment for various injuries. With its grand commodious space, the sports medicine faculty has many stations and more treatment capacity, all allowing the staff to be able to see even more students comfortably. This facility also features 150 feet of rehabilitation space. With new HVAC mechanicals, security access improvements, computer wireless upgrades, working and being serviced in this facility is a vast improvement from the prior facility.

view of entrance and taping area

Entrance and Taping Area

treatement and rehabilitation areas

Treatment and Rehabilatation Areas

Treatment Area

Treatment and Taping Areas

Taping and First Aid area

Taping, First Aid, Treatment and Rehabilatation Areas

Hydrotherapy Room

Hydrotherapy Area (view #1)

Inside of the Hydrotherapy room

Hydrotherapy Area (view #2)


Preseason Cold Soak Pool

Fall Camp Cold Soak Pool