Fall 2020 Bill Impacts

updated Oct. 2, 2020

Explanation regarding instructional mode

With recent approvals for some courses to be moved to a different instruction mode than originally advertised, questions about billing have arisen. Below we explain the impacts, if any, to your bills based on these changes.  Course instruction mode in the system of record is how the course will be recognized for billing purposes.

For Billing Purposes:

  • Distance Education / 100% Online
    • Courses that are listed as 80% or more online fit this category only.
  • Off-Campus
    • Internships
  • Face to Face
    • All other courses such as those online 79% or less, hybrid, blended, 100% face to face or available to attend virtually or in person at the student's discretion daily (multi-modal).

NOTE: A private agreement between a student & professor to complete work online when the course is not a 100% online course, does not qualify as a 100% online course for billing purposes.

Non-PA Residents discounted tuition rate for online courses applies as follows:

  • Part-time enrollment (less than 12 credits) regardless of where the student lives during the semester.
  • Full-time enrollment in an Online Only program (B.A. Sociology online) not living on campus.
Required Fees Explanation

Note: The 10% reduction to the Student Union fee, the Recreation Center fee and the Transportation fee applies to all students enrolled in Fall 2020. The rate used is the reduced rate, you will not see a negative line item for these reductions.

Students Living On Campus will be billed as follows:

  • All required fees will apply for students living on campus regardless of instruction mode.

Students Living Off Campus will be billed as follows:

  • 100% Online schedule - Tuition Technology Fee, Instructional Service and Campus Support Fees will apply.  First semester students will have Academic Records Fee, Advanced Registration fee and First SGA fee.
    • Student can elect to add (purchase) access to the Recreation Center & Health Center
    • Student can elect to add Student Government to participate in events and to vote or hold office.
  • 100% Face to Face or combination of face to face & online (mixed enrollment) - All required fees will apply.
  • 100% Off-Campus - Tuition Technology Fee, Instructional Service and Campus Support Fees will apply.  Student Teachers will be billed Student Government as in the past.

**Note: Students that move off campus effective Sept. 26, 2020 and are 100% online will see no reduction to select on-campus fees.  The refund policy starts a 0% reduction in withdrawals that day and no fees or costs, other than housing/meals, will be adjusted from that day forward for either moving off campus or withdrawing.

Fall 2020 Bills & Decreased Days on Campus Announcement

updated July 10, 2020

With the recent announcement regarding the Fall 2020 semester and the decrease in the number of days students will be on campus, we wanted to address the charges our students will see on their Fall 2020 bills, issued approximately Friday, July 10. 

While we know some institutions and businesses are considering COVID-19 surcharges to compensate for the additional costs to keep and maintain social distancing, as well as extra cleaning functions that are needed in order to continue to offer a campus experience you desire and love, we wanted you to know that Kutztown University will not be assessing any additional charges this fall. In fact, for the decreased days students will have available to them on campus, even with the additional expenses to be incurred to open for the fall semester, Kutztown University will provide a 10% discount to students' housing cost, base meal plan cost, Student Union fee, Recreation Center fee and Transportation fee. 

  • What will I see on my bill?

You will see the net amount for all fees, housing and meals after the 10% discount.  We are ensuring you receive the savings up front. The due date for Fall 2020 bills remains Thursday, Aug. 6.  Bills are located at MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > Your Bills.

  • How will I know I got the 10% discount for  the housing and meal plan charges if there is no separate line showing the discount on the bill?

Navigate to MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Account Activity to see the full initial charge item and then a negative charge for the 10% of the housing price and the base meal plan price (discount does not apply to Flex funds).

  • How will I know I got the 10% discount for the Student Union fee, Recreation Center fee and Transportation fee if there is no separate line showing the discount?

The amounts used to bill Fall 2020 are reduced up front. A chart showing the approved rates for the semester and the discounted rates can be found here if needed.

  • Does this mean I will get a refund for the 10%?

No, because we are charging you less up front; however, if you had already taken a loan to cover the bill and you do not reduce that loan, you may get a refund.

  • Can I reduce my loans?

Certainly, you can reduce your loans. Just like any semester or session, students can complete a student loan change form and parents can complete a parent loan change form for those parent loans. These forms are located on the financial aid website, under forms.

  • Do I have to reduce my loans if I was already approved and it was sent to the university?

No, you do not have to reduce your loans.  Just like any semester or session, if you overpay your bill, you will get a refund after the funds arrive and post to the account after Add/Drop and after attendance is verified.

  • I have a payment plan already set up, now what?

You can adjust that payment plan like always, increase or decrease it, after you get the bills in July. If you need assistance in doing so, please do not hesitate to email studentaccounts@kutztown.edu.

  • When will the loans disburse for the Fall 2020 semester?

This has not changed and will remain about the third week of the semester, like normal, once attendance is verified and the aid was authorized.

  • When will refunds release for the Fall 2020 semester?

This has not changed and will remain no sooner than the end of the third week of the semester, like normal, once the aid has been authorized and disbursed.

  • Speaking of refunds, how will I get mine if I have a loan for more than the bill since we are getting the 10% off?

Please check out our detailed webpage about refunds and how new and current students set up their refund preferences. Returning students: your refund preference from last year remains, but you can change this online at www.bankmobilevibe.com.

  • Who can I talk to if I am concerned about checking out of the residence halls when face-to-face instruction ends Friday, Nov. 20?

Please reach out to the Office of Housing and Residence Life at housing@kutztown.edu or call 610-683-4027 to discuss your personal situation and alternatives.