Spring 2020 Semester Refunds

Refunds Update and Guidance

April 2, 2020

Thanks to the hard (tireless) work by so many of our dedicated offices during this difficult and unprecedented time, we were pleased to be able to start releasing refunds earlier than anticipated.  Refunds began to be released Wednesday, April 1, 2020.  Refunds are not being returned to the loans used. All refunds that didn’t go towards open allowable balances, are being refunded to students, or parents, as regulations dictate.  Not all refunds have been released just yet, some are in the process of being released to credit cards or require more attention and review.  We are working diligently to process this over the next few days.  Here are some important facts and actions that may be needed.

BankMobile Disbursements

As a reminder, Kutztown University uses a refund processing agent named BankMobile Disbursements.  All students were encouraged at Orientation to make a refund preference when they started at KU.  We understand some did not, see below for guidance under Student Refunds.  Our refund webpage offers more details as well.

Parent Refunds

If a parent plus loan paid any of the items being reduced, the refund may be due to the parent if they indicated they wanted refunds on their loan application.  All plus release documents on file were processed before we refunded.  All remaining parent refunds will be printed as a paper check mailed to the parent at the address on the loan application.  Receipt time is approximately 2 weeks from printing and mailing by our refund agent, BankMobile.

Student Refunds

Students that never selected a refund preference with BankMobile, please visit this site; https://www.bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/ , follow step 1. Just below the personal code box is a link that says Need a Code, click on that to proceed.

International students

Those without a US based address, will not have BankMobile as an option.  We will be refunding your original method of payment; Flywire, credit card or echeck.  If you paid by cash or personal check in our office, we will produce paper checks for you as soon as we return to the office.  If alternative options are needed for our international students, we will work with you privately; email us.

Small balances due to miscellaneous charges

Many students took advantage of clearing balances by giving us permission to pay those small balances if they had restricted aid. Those students who were unable to give us permission before we refunded, will need to log into MyKU and take care of any remaining balances due.  So please know that while a student may be getting a refund, they may still have a balance due to KU – take a look and please take care of this today.

Repaying loans with the refund

Students are not required to repay their loans with these refunds.  These funds are for educational expenses that include living expenses and education expenses.  However, using the refund to pay down debt is not a bad idea.

  • Students may have a federal Direct Stafford Loan or a private alternative loan (such as Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo, etc…).
    • Private Loans – If you have a private loan we recommend paying down that loan first.  You should have an electronic account with that lender and be able to send money through that account.
    • Direct Stafford Loan – If you only have Direct Stafford loans, consider paying interest back on the unsubsidized portion, if you have unsubsidized loans.  You can find your loan servicer by going to www.studentaid.gov and clicking on “manage loans.”
    • Parent PLUS Loans – Parent borrowers should follow the same guidance as the Direct Stafford Loans logging in as yourself and not the student.
  • For more questions on repaying any loans – email Financial Aid Services – financialaid@kutztown.edu.

Chapter 33 / Post 9/11 benefit recipients

Please note that while we are refunding you any reductions in tuition required fees, KU must also report this decrease in cost to the VA.  The VA will reach out accordingly using Debt Management.  Once a student is contacted by them, a repayment to the VA for this reduction will be necessary.  KU is not allowed to make direct payments to the VA for cost adjustments.

Payment Plans

KU cancelled the plans for spring if a student was expecting a refund and would no longer need the plan.  KU also adjusted (reduced) plans if payment was still needed.  If a student still has a balance due – this was left to be paid.

Adjustments processed

The 50% reduction in fees, is a reduction to what a student was charged, not the overall full-time rate.  If a student was already paying reduced fees based on their enrollment, the reduction is 50% of that reduced amount.


Spring 2020 Refund Announcement

March 23, 2020

Dear KU Students,

We announced our initial plans Friday, March 20, regarding refunds for the remainder of the 2020 spring semester. Based on guidance from the State System, Kutztown University has calculated a 50% refund of selected fees for the current semester to be issued the week of April 6, 2020.

Today, we are answering additional questions and providing further details on the refunding process.


Many services are still continuing as they would with face-to-face instruction. We are refunding those fees that are no longer available to students due to ceasing face-to-face operations and closing the residence halls for the majority of students.






Tuition Technology


Instructional Service


Activity (SGA)


Campus Support


Health Center





Meal Plan*



Meal Plan Flex**



Voluntary Flex**




Rec Center



Student Union






Parking Permit***



* will vary if approved to stay on campus

** unused portion will be refunded

*** annual pass will receive 25% refund, semester-only pass 50% refund


Bear Bucks do not expire and roll over year-to-year, so no action is being taken on these funds at this time.  Students who are graduating, or will not be returning to campus, can request a refund by completing our form. The processing fee of $10.00 is being waived for these requests.  These refunds will be handled separately from the MyKU account and may take additional processing time.


Tuition – All instruction has been moved online but will continue through the 2020 spring semester. Full tuition costs are remaining in place based on 50% face-to-face and 50% online. The change in instruction does not meet the distance education requirement of 80% online or more.

Tuition Technology Fee – This fee is used to acquire, install and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies to enhance student learning outcomes.  It provides equitable access to technology resources and ensures State System graduates are competitive in the technological workplace.

Instructional Service – This fee is used to hire adjunct faculty, replace classroom equipment utilized for instruction, purchase library books, access to online materials and systems, and enhance instructional programs.

Activity (SGA) – This fee supports the many campus clubs and organizations. These funds are released to the groups at the beginning of the semester and are utilized immediately.

Campus Support – This fee is used to maintain or enhance student academic support services, experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and other initiatives that contribute to student success.  All of these activities continue to be performed and utilized for instruction in any mode.

Health Center – This office continues to be the main office for this crisis and student wellness, including online tele-counseling and more.


Most students will be due a refund of some kind; the amount will vary depending on their initial charges as well as if they resided on campus or had a meal plan. Students should start seeing some of these reductions on their accounts by March 27, 2020. In order to ensure accuracy, we plan to issue refunds the week of April 6, 2020.

Refunds will be released through our refund-processing agent, BankMobile Disbursements.  Students should already have a refund selection on file, but if they do not, they should select a preference today. Select your refund preference at https://www.bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/. If you can’t locate your personal code, scroll down on the selection page, below the personal code box, and click Need a Code.

For students who do not select a refund preference, 21 days after we refund, a default paper check will be printed and then mailed to the original address the student had at KU when they enrolled.  It is possible this is not your current address.  Addresses at BankMobile Disbursements are not updated or changed by Kutztown University. For security purposes, only students control this when they log in and make their selection after validation of identity.

If the charges being reduced were initially paid by a parent loan, the refund may be due to the parent.  This depends on what the parent indicated on the parent loan application - whether they chose the refund to go to them or the student.  If the refund goes to the parent, they will be issued a paper check from BankMobile mailed to the address on the loan application. The parent can request the refund go to the student by completing a Parent PLUS Release form.  Due to remote working, this form will need to be completed, signed and scanned to studentaccounts@kutztown.edu – faxes will not be received.


Some students may have balances due to KU, after these reductions in costs are processed or after refunds are issued. Credits may be applied to these balances that remain due first, if applicable and allowable by aid regulations.  After April 6, 2020, please login to MyKU to resolve any balances that are still due. For example, aid cannot pay an ID replacement fee or parking ticket, unless permission was granted to allow this before the aid came in.  Therefore, you may receive a refund and still have a balance due on MyKU that needs resolution with a payment.  Please reach out to studentaccounts@kutztown.edu if you have questions after April 6th.

Please visit the Student Accounts website or send any questions to studentaccounts@kutztown.edu.

While team members from the Office of Student Accounts are checking voicemails regularly and returning calls as needed, we do encourage utilizing email for inquiries until normal office operations resume.  If the matter can’t be resolved in email format, we will absolutely work with you for another method of communication such as a return call.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with this process, and please stay healthy!

KU Office of Student Accounts