COVID-19 & Student Conduct

Stay Safe. Be Golden!

During challenging and uncertain times, we need to lift up each other and act in ways that demonstrate respect and civility. Tough times will bring out the best Golden Bear in all of us. These expectations, as embodied in our Student Code of Conduct, are important to be mindful of while the KU community adapts to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please make every effort to embody the Golden Bear spirit on-campus, off-campus, AND online by continuing to be exemplary students and community members. This also means cooperating with university and government officials with guidelines wearing masks and social distancing. Kindly remember, all conduct policies and regulations remain in effect and will be enforced. 

  • Noncompliance with KU's COVID-19 Response Plan
  • Conduct Process During COVID-19

    The student conduct process remains unchanged during these exigent circumstances.  The Student Code of Conduct still applies to misconduct online, off-campus, and on-campus and will be immediately addressed by the university. Students are expected to comport themselves appropriately particularly when engaging and interacting with faculty, staff, and other students online.

  • Resolution of New or Pending Cases
    • Option 1: The vast majority of preliminary briefings will be conducted via an online Zoom meeting with your assigned case officer. Students requesting this option must have access to reliable internet access and a computer or compatible smartphone or tablet. During this meeting, you will be provided with information about the student conduct process, review the incident report, and respond to the allegation of misconduct. Students have the option of taking responsibility for an infraction or denying responsibility thereby requesting a hearing to be scheduled at a later date. Students will be sent a link to their university email account to join the meeting prior to the scheduled start of the meeting.
    • Option 2:  Students may request an in-person preliminary briefing on an as-needed basis if extenuating circumstances prohibit an online meeting. Please notify your case officer of this request, however, please note that in some situations a case officer may not be available on campus to meet in-person with a student.  
    • Option 3: For students without internet access, a preliminary briefing via phone to review their case may be requested. Information about the incident in question will be shared or read to the student over the phone. If meeting remotely, students MUST submit a Student Conduct Response Form following this meeting at
    • Option 4: Students may waive their right to participate in the student conduct process by completing the Waiver of Hearing form (emailed to the student) and submitting a signed copy to the Dean of Students Office. When a student waives their right to a hearing the student accepts the outcome of their case as determined by a review of the available evidence; students will be notified of the finding by their case officer. Students may provide a written statement along with their waiver if desired. This option does not require a meeting. Waivers must be submitted at
  • Hearings
    • Informal Resolutions: Informal hearings will be held via online Zoom meetings following a student's preliminary briefing.
    • Formal Resolutions:  Until further notice, formal hearings with the University Conduct Board or other conduct board will be held via a Zoom or similar platform.
  • Sanctions

    Students will not be assigned sanctions that are not conducive to social distancing guidelines. Students who have been previously assigned sanctions requiring interpersonal interaction such as community service will be provided an extension as needed or request an alternate sanction. All other student conduct sanctions such as online courses, reflection papers, etc. must still be completed.

  • Office of Student Conduct

    The Office of Student Conduct is open and available to assist the university community. Please don't hesitate to contact the office for any assistance you may need with cases, clearances, record requests, or other services. The best way to reach us is via email; refer to the office directory for contact information. 

  • Need Help?

    If you have any questions or need assistance please email Additionally, please refer to the student conduct website for forms, incident reporting information, sanction resources, and other student conduct information.