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Kutztown University Student Services, Incorporated (KUSSI)

A non-profit corporation affiliated with Kutztown University and authorized by the university president to administer certain auxiliary operations for the benefit of KU students, KUSSI is an administrative area responsible for overseeing the financial operation of Student Government Association-related funds.


Whether you are searching for answers about how to get a budget from the Student Government Association, or planning on creating a constitution in order to apply for Student Government Association recognition, the KUSSI Auxiliary Services Office will explain the process to you and provide you with the necessary paperwork. Not only can they answer your questions, but they can also help you by providing you with a sample constitution.


Student Activity Fee: If you have successfully applied for a budget from the Student Government Board, the monies from which your budget is generated is the Student Activity Fee. KUSSI coordinates the collection of this fee and implements the allocations that SGB makes from this fund. 

Account Management: The KUSSI Accounting Office also will help you manage your Budget Account and Private Account. Budget accounts are those accounts that are provided to SGA-sponsored student organizations. Private accounts are where you place money generated from fundraisers and the collection of dues.

Budget Process Coordination/Collection: Each year, SGA-sponsored groups can request a budget from the SGB for the following academic year. The KUSSI Accounting Office coordinates the distribution and collection of budget request materials from eligible groups.

Bill Payment: When you need to buy supplies or pay other bills, the KUSSI Accounting Office can generate (tax exempt) purchase orders for your group. They also will collect the receipts from your expenses and generate checks for you.

Additional Allocations/Conference Requests: If you need to request additional funding from the SGB, then KUSSI is the place to go to get these forms.

SGA Vehicle Reservations/Copy Machine Access: If you are a registered organization through SGA with Maroon or Gold Status you have the right to use the KUSSI minivans and copy machine for organizational purposes. Student groups who are not Maroon or Gold Status can request copies at the MSU Information Desk. Up to 100 copies may be made per purpose or event.