Credit by Examination

Awarding of Credits Via Challenge Exams

This office evaluates all of the score reports and appropriately processes test results in the following areas:

  • Advanced Placement
  • CLEP
  • Credit by Exam

To be awarded credits by exam, a full-time or part-time student (who by experience or training, acquired academic background, or comprehension comparable to that required of students who complete a given course) may submit to the office of Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies a request for the privilege of taking an examination in the course for the purpose of establishing credit for it (Challenge Examination). Appropriate forms are available here. They require the written approval of the department chairperson and professor concerned.

For each Challenge Examination, there is a $25.00 administrative fee. The student can go to  log in and pay 25.00 using their ID number. Please write in Credit by Exam as the reason.

The chairperson of the department concerned and the professor who is designated will prepare and administer a special examination in the course within sixty calendar days of approval by the Vice Provost's Office.

After grading the examination "pass or fail," the chairperson and designated professor will report the results in writing to the Registrar. For a grade of "pass," the student will earn the academic credits that ordinarily are earned by completing the course covered by the examination. If a grade of "fail" is achieved, "fail" will be entered for the course on the student's transcript and the student must take the course for credit. No re-examinations may be taken.

Please note that approval for Credit by Examination WILL NOT be granted for students who fail the course in a classroom situation; students who failed a Challenge Examination and want to repeat the Credit By Examination; students who do not have verification of required qualifications by department chairperson and faculty offering the examination; and students who do not have the agreement of the department/faculty member to offer the examination.