Where can visitors park?

While the metered parking lot (A1) located near McFarland Student Union is primarily suggested for visitors, if your visit takes you elsewhere on campus, KU has a spot for you.

Visitor only spaces are located across campus and near buildings and are indicated by signage and light green parking spot lines. If the green spaces are filled, visitors may also park in non-reserved white (student) or yellow (staff) spaces anywhere on campus. At no time should visitors park in reserved spaces such as 24-hour reserved, spots marked for emergency vehicles only, housing staff spots or spaces that have a time limit if that time limit cannot be honored.

Metered spaces are restricted to a one-hour maximum and the appropriate payment must be made at the meter. Spaces with inoperable meters are considered invalid and should not be utilized. All metered spaces are in effect and should be paid from 7:00 AM. through 7:00 PM, weekdays. The cost of metered parking is $1.00 per hour.