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Mission Statement

The Kutztown University Women's Center strives to increase awareness of the need for a women's movement and appreciation of that history and its present status empowers individuals to meet the potential of the women's movement in creating more equitable opportunity not only for women but for all people.

To that end, the Women's Center accepts its responsibility to assist Kutztown University in accomplishing its mission and enumerates efforts in each of the five University-identified goals:

  • Learning and Success of Students
    Prepare Kutztown University students to meet lifelong intellectual, ethical, social, and career challenges and responsibilities.

The Women's Center will provide a supportive and inclusive point of entry for women students to locate programs and resources to assist them in personal and professional growth.

The Women's Center will assist all students in recognizing and working to eliminate barriers to equal access and participation, whether those be barriers of gender, background, nationality, age, or ability, or whether they be barriers that are political, socioeconomic, sexual, spiritual, racial, ethnic, or physical.

  • Scholarship
    Develop, interpret, evaluate, apply, and disseminate knowledge to and on behalf of the Kutztown University community and society.

The Women's Center will support and empower Women's Studies courses and minors through a multimedia library and resource files, collaborative programming with other campus organizations, and access to local and global role models.

The Women's Center will assist research and programming efforts of all students interested in women's issues.

  • Collaboration
    Collaboration with public and private agencies, institutions, organizations, and businesses on behalf of the Kutztown University community and society.

The Women's Center will link its constituencies to organizations promoting equal rights for women and form coalitions that advance a feminist perspective and voice among all people, regardless of sex or gender, who seek positive social change.

  • Globalization
    Prepare Kutztown University students to respect and celebrate human diversity as they develop inclusive and international perspectives.

The Women's Center will develop awareness of the challenges facing women in all cultures and advocate for initiatives that provide all women a complete range of choices in all areas of their lives.

  • Technology
    Prepare Kutztown University students to use technologies to enhance their learning and knowledge.

The Women's Center will encourage the mastery of all technologies that enable women to identify and remedy inequity.

In sum, the Kutztown University Women's Center, while open to men, recognizes its responsibility to provide women with the access, awareness, support, encouragement, and empowerment to achieve their full potential as leaders and agents of positive change whose ultimate goal is an equitable global society.

Kutztown University Women's Center Department Goals

  • To create awareness of gender concerns, both locally and globally.
  • To provide resources and programming for students, faculty, and the community-at-large regarding contemporary issues that affect women's well-being, including: work equity, health problems, body image, relationships, childcare, harassment and violence against women.
  • To create a supportive atmosphere that encourages academic excellence, positive self-esteem, and growth.
  • To educate both men and women on ways to create non-violent relationships and conflict resolution skills.
  • To provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage in community service and social change.
  • To promote and support the Women's and Gender Studies minor program.
  • To meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse populations.