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Events and Meetings

Suffragettes Annie Kenney and Christabel Pankhurst ca. 1905Ongoing Groups

All groups meet in the Women's Center Oasis, Old Main 3.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

FMLA logo

Tuesdays 11 a.m.
FMLA's mission is to create awareness of issues important to women and men on campus while promoting the welfare of society as a whole. This group sponsors the Vagina Monologues, the campus-wide "Take Back the Night Rally and March" each spring and collaborates with many Women's Center activities, including residence hall programs, Women's History Month, Welcome Week and other events.

Tuesdays 4 p.m.
Use Your Hands to Clear Your Mind and chat along at the same time. Join in the discussion while we knit, crochet, color, draw or craft.

Tuesdays 5 p.m.

SCAR Breaking the Silence 

The Student Campaign Against Rape (SCAR) is a student run organization that seeks to educate individuals on the topic of on-campus sexual assault and rape. SCAR will endeavor to lead its peers in the teaching of important information in regards to sexual assault; such as the legal definitions of rape and sexual assault, what to do in the event of a sexual assault or rape, where support can be found in dealing with such an event and what can be done on-campus to prevent these occurrences. SCAR is a non-judgmental group dedicated to diversity and education. Above all, SCAR is a charitable organization striving to better the on-campus experience for current and future students. SCAR holds meetings every week in the Women's Center Oasis, Old Main 3. Every other week a support group is also held. For more information, contact the Women's Center at 610-683-4655 or

Thursdays 3 p.m.
The Image: Happiness isn't size specific.

Fridays 2 p.m.
Meditation: Practicing meditation has many benefits including improved focus, memory and energy, increased productivity and creativity, decreased anxiety and an enhanced immune system. Join us for meditation and learn to let your mind loose.