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Why Choose Women's and Gender Studies?

The program places great emphasis on the challenges facing women. It encourages an open mind, heart, and voice to all who are willing to listen. In more practical terms, Women's and Gender Studies strives for acceptance of diversity within the workplace, education, and society.

While interest in Women's and Gender Studies is growing, there are still those individuals who ask the questions: "Why Women's and Gender Studies?" and "What makes these courses so special, and how could taking them possibly impact my life?" The answer is simple. Women's and Gender Studies does more than just explore issues concerning women. It delves into the heart of the global oppression and subordination of all women and examines the concepts of established gender roles and inequity. It forces the student to design his or her own solutions to these inequities.

 "All students need to realize that social, professional, and educational equity is not a benefit, but a necessity. If a university's student community could learn to become free of sexism, racism, and all other forms of discrimination, they could set an example for their own, as well as the next, generation to follow. 

“In the past, women and men studied history, science, the arts, the social sciences, even women, entirely from the perspective of men. All of our knowledge about ourselves and the world we live in was ‘man-made.’ Women's Studies corrects, but does not reject, this information; in fact, it complements all disciplines. It draws on all fields and places women's experiences at the center of the curriculum.”

-Dr. Angela Scanzello, Kutztown University Professor Emerita