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Gregg "Doc" Jones

Presidents Medal Recipient Number Four

Awarded April 22, 2016

Dr. Gregory Jones (right) with President Hawkinson

Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson (left) presenting presenting Dr. Gregory A. Jones (right) with the Kutztown University President's Medal 

Dr. Gregory A. Jones, who came to Kutztown University in 1986, has played a crucial role for more than 30 successful men's rugby seasons as a volunteer head coach.

Jones's motto, "The Secret to Success: Go to Work Every Day," has been nothing but inspiring to more than 1,000 men from around the world who have come to Kutztown University to take part in the renowned rugby organization. He has led the men's rugby team to 60 semesters of winning seasons, perennial D1A Top 10 national rankings, two trips to the Collegiate Rugby Championship Finals, one USA 7s Eagle Selection, and one USA Eagles World Cup team member.