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Willam Riddle

President's Medal Recipient Number One

Awarded May 10, 2014 

William Ribble (right) with then-president Dr. Javier Cevallos

President F. Jaiver Cevallos (left) presents William Ribble (right) with the President's Medal

William F. Ribble, Jr., an alumnus from the class of 1973, has not only been a longtime friend of KU but an outstanding philanthropist.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Ribble worked his way from part-time loader at UPS to Vice President of Corporate Operational Development. In addition to serving on the KU Foundation Board, Ribble established two generously endowed scholarships and had made a number of major gifts for the KU community. Ribble was also co-chair of the "Setting the Stage" capital campaign that raised more than $15.4 million dollars and funded a number of different renovations and academic programs on campus.