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Kutztown University will open at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, due to winter-weather conditions.  Classes begin at 9:30 a.m.

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A Message from Dr. Hawkinson on Recent National Events

January 30, 2017

Dear KU Campus Community:

In my inaugural address I spoke of the origin of higher education in our nation and its primary purpose in creating successful, engaged and enlightened citizens.  This is done by "waking up" our students to new knowledge, new ways of thinking and new perspectives on the world.  The role of higher education is to make students "curious" so that they may seek out ideas and information to ignite their interests and to keep them informed with credible data and facts.  To build strong character, so that our students will show respect to others and to themselves, so that all can learn to interact with others who may think differently than themselves.  If students allow themselves to be awakened, become curious to seek out knowledge, and build a strong character, they indeed become that successful, engaged and enlightened citizen who comes to feel a sense of gratefulness and humility for what they have received in life. 

The United States of America recently held its Presidential Inauguration which resulted in the confirmation of our 45th President. I continue to recognize that many find the decisions being made by the U.S. President's administration to be controversial and there may be a range of emotions experienced at this time. I assure you that Kutztown University values every member of our community and works every day to provide an inclusive and safe environment with respect for all.

As an academic community, we cherish the expression of free speech and the robust exchange of ideas. The ability to engage in academic discourse in an open, honest and respectful manner is what makes us unique.

Because we are a very diverse community, there will be differing views about policies now being put forth at the national level. However, we at KU will not support threatening and intimidating behavior. We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in or outside our campus community.

Let us be true to the values I spoke of at the beginning of this message.  In my address I spoke of the attributes of an enlightened person: "These people are calm, settled, and rooted.  They are not blown off course by storms.  They don't crumble in adversity.  Their minds are consistent and their hearts are dependable... they display humility, restraint, reticence, temperance, respect, and soft self-discipline."

Let us all display these virtues as we move on to the next stage in the journey of our nation and our university.

If you feel the need to access specific resources as an individual or with a group, or feel that you have been harassed or discriminated against, please reach out to trusted offices on campus including the following:

Dean of Students Office: (610) 683-1396
Office of Social Equity: (610) 683-4700
Office of Multicultural Services: (610) 683-4197
Women's Center: (610) 683-4655
Faith-based Organizations (via Dean of Students Office): (610) 683-1396 
University Counseling Center: (610) 683-4072
GLBTQ Resource Center: (484) 646-4111
KU Police: (610) 683-4002

Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson