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Wynnie (The First Dog)

Wynnie, with President and Mrs. Hawkinson

Wynnie, the "First Dog" of Kutztown University!

Meet the First Dog and prize pup of President Hawkinson and wife, Ann Marie. The adorable black and white Havanese can be seen peering out from her presidential perch as the campus community bustles by each day.

Several years ago, Dr. Hawkinson created "Walks with Wynnie" to bring students, faculty and townspeople together. Now a regularly scheduled event throughout the semester, it's a great time to chat with the president, get to know the community and stretch your legs with KU's favorite canine!

Next Walks with Wynnie: TBA

Joining the Hawkinson family:

President Hawkinson and Ann Marie met later in life (he was 50 and she was 40), but they hoped they would be able to have a child. If they had a daughter, they planned to name her Wynne, after a close personal friend. When it became clear that a child was not in their future, President Hawkinson and Ann Marie decided to name their new puppy Wynnie.

Havanese were bred to be circus performers in Spain and are noted for their intelligence, friendliness, and cuteness, as well as their ability to bond with both parents and stand on two legs.  They are happy dogs and bring joy to those with whom they come in contact.

Although the Havanese breed is now associated with Cuba, President Hawkinson and Ann Marie like to say that Wynnie is Welsh because their friend Wynne is of Welsh heritage. Please don't ever make the mistake of spelling Wynnie's name with an "i" instead of a "y" because she wasn't named after the English bear.  

More Fun Facts about our favorite KU canine:

Midwestern Roots: Wynnie was born in Illinois, where President Hawkinson and Ann Marie adopted the pup from a breeder in 2012.

Special Day: Wynnie's birthday is August 31 (feel free to send her birthday wishes!)

Hostess Extraordinaire: Dr. Hawkinson likes to say that Wynnie is a "working dog." After all, she does help host more than 100 events at the president's residence each year.

Favorite Visitor: Matt Santos. Our vice president of University Relations and Athletics ALWAYS remembers to bring a dog treat when visiting (which he knows is against the rules!).

Favorite Treat: Wynnie's gone organic, and enjoys an all-natural Greenie dental treat first thing every morning. By the way, President Hawkinson and Ann Marie do not feed Wynnie "people food."

Her Abode: Wynnie has her own house on the main level of the presidential residence.

Super Model: Wynnie is pictured in university marketing videos and other promotional materials. She's even graced a billboard (celebrating President Hawkinson's inauguration) and ridden in the Kutztown Sesquicentennial parade. 

Wynnie, President Hawkinson and friends on a "Walk with Wynnie"

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