Mathematics students drawing equations

STEM - Science, Technology and Mathematics - is a Program of Distinction at KU.

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Programs of Distinction


STEM programming at Kutztown engages students with intensive hands-on learning in a wide variety of fields including: Astronomy, Biochemistry , Biology, ChemistryComputer Science and Information Technology, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Marine Science, Mathematics and Physics

The newly approved Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree directly responds to an increased workforce demand for employees prepared to meet the needs of the 21st century economy and are in high demand with regional employers. Faculty are committed to teaching and working with undergraduates which includes significant opportunities for undergraduate research, internships and practical field experience. A recent $250,000 collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation was awarded for faculty and students to be visiting researchers at universities in Italy, Australia and elsewhere as they conduct research as part of the KELT exoplanet discovery project. Students in all of the science disciplines are encouraged to prepare and defend their findings within their professional fields and regularly present at regional and national conferences. Many students have published the results of their research in peer-reviewed journals.

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