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The College of Business provides an exceptional education that will prepare you for the rigors of the marketplace or the demands of graduate education. We will teach you how to participate effectively in an interdependent, technology-driven world- offering a business education in an environment that stimulates engagement with ideas, each other, and the world around you.

Our students are active in clubs and organizations, receive professional career counseling and advising, and enjoy contemporary classroom and laboratory space. We have outreach programs encouraging cooperation, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship, and our faculty members engage in research that reflects how the world does business today. We are committed to the highest standards of teaching and business practice and provide our students with a comprehensive business curriculum. Kutztown graduates set themselves apart with professional experience gained through internship opportunities and study abroad programs. They compete strongly in a changing job market and are ready to lead in their careers.

Undergraduate Study - Program Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Accounting program at Kutztown is set up to help prepare students for careers in a variety of areas such as financial accounting, cost accounting, accounting information systems, tax accounting, and auditing.

The Finance major at Kutztown University prepares students for career opportunities in the areas of domestic and multinational corporate financial management, the management of financial markets and institutions, personal financial planning, and investment analysis and portfolio management.

Managers are the decision makers in a diverse and ever-changing global business environment. The focus of a Management major is learning the techniques necessary to achieve goals efficiently and effectively.

The Marketing program at Kutztown University prepares students for careers in dynamic, competitive fields including sales, research, promotion, retailing, advertising, public relations, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Personal Financial Planning
With the advent of self-directed retirement accounts, the complexities of the tax code, and the proliferation of sophisticated risk management products, individuals are increasingly turning to personal financial planners to help them manage their finances. Students completing this program will be prepared to enter the personal financial planning profession in many different areas.

Supply Chain Mangement
As globalization and information technology advance, many companies are finding that supply chain efficiency is important to their competitiveness and profitability. How to match supply and demand and move products and services through the supply chain are important challenges for supply chain managers. Companies invest a lot of money on information technology and distribution infrastructure. Our new Supply Chain Management program prepares students for careers in this growing and regionally relevant field.

Business Minor
The Business Minor provides students with fundamental business knowledge in the core areas of business: Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, management, and information systems.

Economics Minor
The minor in Economics focuses on how an economy functions and how to spot the trends and opportunities in finance or business. Career choices that are enhanced by this minor include positions in government, banking, securities and investments, and economic research.

Entrepreneurship Minor
The entrepreneurship minor offers students valuable entrepreneurial experience and knowledge, within their respective field of study, so that they are well-equipped to establish their own business. 

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Minor
Students minoring in Supply Chain Management and Logistics are exposed to coursework in the rapidly growing industries related to warehousing, transportation, and distribution of goods.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

The exciting world of sport and athletics provides career options at a number of levels for graduates prepared to meet the profession's expanding opportunities and challenges. With a degree in Leisure and Sport Studies (LSS), students are prepared to enter the fields of professional sport team management, facility management, sport product marketing and sales, event management, sport tourism, athletic administration, and management of wellness and fitness facilities. LSS majors will have the option to pursue either a minor of their choosing or a specialization in sport-related fields such as coaching or fitness and health promotion. All LSS majors are required to complete an internship in their area of specialization.

The Coaching/Athletic Administration specialization is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE).

Coaching and Athletic Administration Minor
The Coaching & Athletic Administration minor prepares students for work within sport programs at public and private schools, colleges, and universities. 

Fitness Administration Minor
The Fitness Administration Minor helps students develop into trained fitness professionals ready for work in health and fitness clubs, community organizations, private practice, professional sports, and schools and universities.

Leadership Minor
The Leadership Minor takes an interdisciplinary approach and allows students to draw from a variety of disciplines to study the context, skills, and process of leadership.