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Business Administration Degree

During a designated period, students are expected to be in contact with their assigned advisor. The role of the advisor is to help the student choose courses that will lead them toward their degree while still meeting the interests, career goals, and scheduling restraints of the student. Students may find this document on how to register for their courses helpful: Student Advising

The BSBA (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration) Degree Curriculum has two phases.  During the first phase, all BSBA majors complete the seven Business Core courses along with Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing ("Common" Courses).

Core Courses
ACC 121: Financial Accounting
ACC 122: Managerial Accounting (prerequisites:  ACC 121 and BUS 171CP)
BUS 120: Principles of Business Statistics
                (prerequisite: minimum grade of "C" in MAT 105 or MAT 121)
BUS 131: Business Law I
BUS 171CP: Business Information Systems
ECO 011: Macroeconomics
ECO 012: Microeconomics

Common Courses

MGM 210: Principles of Management
MKT 210: Principles of Marketing

Students must complete the 7 Business Core courses with a grade point average no lower than a 2.00 in order to take upper level courses in their chosen major.  You can find the majors under the Undergraduate Study course offerings.

General Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:

 To graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), 
  a student must:

1. Successfully complete at least 120 semester hours as specified by degree

2. Satisfy all requirements of General Education

3. Satisfy all course requirements in the major

4.  Attain a cumulative grade point average no lower than a 2.00 in  all courses
     completed at Kutztown University

5.  Attain a grade point average no lower than a 2.00 in all courses completed in the    
     student's major

Transferring An Associates Degree:

Policy for transfer credits for students transferring to the Kutztown University BSBA degree with an Associate's Degree:

Any course completed at the previous institution which transfers to KU with the prefix ACC, BUS, ECO, FIN, MKT, MGM in which the student earned less than a "C" will not be accepted for transfer credit, either as a course equivalent, or as a Business or Free Elective.