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What Our Students Are Saying

Adan Farrah, SM Scholar Recipient, '11:

The Sports Management Major at Kutztown University is by far the best major at the University. Most majors have you just read textbooks and take tests to learn how to be successful in that major. The Sports Management Major has you read and take tests, as well, but the main core of your learning is through group and individual projects. What those group and individual projects taught me is how to work successfully and efficiently in a team environment and individually in the working world. The hands on learning and the excellent professors in the Sport Management major gave me the confidence to excel in and out of the classroom and after graduating from Kutztown University in 2011. The professors keep you accountable and get you ready for the working world. I was blessed to have wonderful professors who helped me achieve greatness and success during my time at KU. Special thanks to the Sports Management professors: Dr. Lottes, Dr. Crider, Dr. Engstrom, Dr. Garman, Dr. Hayduk, Dr. Givler, and Professor Rogol. Thank you.


Kevin Teel '14:

"I graduated Kutztown University with a bachelor's degree in Leisure and Sports Studies, May of 2014. I am an avid sports fan, specifically a NASCAR fan. Studying Sports Management was the best decision I made while attending Kutztown. Through the required internship I was able to land a job right out of college at my internship site, Pocono Raceway. I work in the industry of my dreams now all thanks to the whole sports management department."


Ryan Springborn '14:

"Transferring to the LSS major was one of the best decisions I made during my undergrad at Kutztown University.  The faculty and professors are friendly, and provide professional advice helping us assess our future career goals.  There are abundant networking opportunities provided by the department, which allows us as students to hear real world stories from successful professionals within the sports business industry.  The LSS staff provides adaptable office hours to meet our busy schedules as students, and will take time out of their days to individually address our issues, anytime we need extra help with scheduling classes, individual tutoring, or just being their to talk you through any life dilemmas you might be facing. One of the more recent additions to the major was the Sports Leisure and Athletic Management club, which is currently advised by Professor Cebula.  The SLAM Club's main goal is to provide its members with the necessary tools, and applications for post university success.  SLAM club also provides excellent networking opportunities with other students, successful alumni, and guest speakers.  In addition members also have an opportunity to volunteer at the Super Bowl!  It is these types opportunities provided by our faculty, that give us the opportunity to thrive as LSS students."