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Entrepreneurial Course Offerings

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Students may take courses specifically geared to the non-business major. These three credit courses are available through the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center and other departments on campus. Non-credit courses are also available through the SBDC. 

FALL 2013 Semester:

MGM 327-010 - Small Business Management

A study of the rewards and problems experienced in starting and operating a small business. Emphasis is placed on those aspects of management, marketing, accounting, and finance that are uniquely important to small firms.

PRO 210-410 - Entrepreneurship for the non-business major

PRO 232 WI - Practical Leadership, Open to all students

*Internship in Entrepreneurship - Students enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Minor are required to take an internship that will provide them with the opportunity to utilize the skills and talents learned through the course selections in the Minor to benefit their entrepreneurial ventures. 

Refer to Entrepreneurship Minor Grid Sheet for additional Elective Courses.