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Express Review

Your experience in the KU MBA program starts with your first contact with the College of Business. In the Express Review, we tell you promptly where you stand and what you'll need to do.

Express Review for Admission into the MBA

Once we have received all elements of your application packet - your transcript, resume, references, test scores, statement of purpose, and other materials - and assess your fulfillment of the Foundation Course Requirements competency areas, any previous graduate credits you have earned, and your GMAT and TOEFL scores, many students are accepted within days of our receiving their full application. We will contact you within three business days to tell you about the status of your admission.

Advisement During the Program

When you are admitted to the program, you are assigned an MBA Adviser: a full-time faculty member of the College of Business who provides you with academic and professional guidance as you complete the program. However, all professors in the program can, and often do, spend extensive time with students helping out - so you have many sources to turn to for advice.