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Foundation Course Requirements

The Kutztown University MBA program requires that each student acquire basic competencies in the foundation course requirements so that each has the basic skills and knowledge essential for any business degree. These foundation course requirements include the following areas:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Microeconomics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Business Law OR Legal Environment of Business

Our MBA program applicants come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Upon your initial contact with us, we review your transcript to let you know where you stand with respect to the foundation course requirements. Students with undergraduate degrees in business will have completed most or all of the foundation courses. Students with other undergraduate majors have many options for acquiring their foundation.
You may take courses in these subjects at Kutztown University or at any other regionally accredited college or university.

This foundation is not a requirement for admission to the MBA program, but it is a requirement for the M.B.A. degree. Furthermore, satisfaction of each of these foundations is a prerequisite to one or more of the required courses in the M.B.A. curriculum. For example, you must have a foundation in Financial Accounting before you may enroll in ACC 520, Management Accounting Control Systems.

The MBA course administrator or your academic advisor will work with you to design a plan that works well for you.