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Learning Goals

MBA Program Goals and Learning Object

Our AACSB accredited MBA program emphasizes practical applications of management theory and contents.

The Kutztown College of Business MBA program's purpose is to help fulfill the COB's mission by educating professionals within a variety of industries and facets of society to become successful organizational leaders in the region. The MBA program serves as a resource to the University and to the community of businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises, not-for-profits, and governmental agencies by preparing students to make a lifetime contribution to the betterment of the community.  The MBA program draws from Kutztown University's unique strengths as a regional educational and research resource to deliver an integrated and applied MBA curriculum.  Specifically, upon graduation from the Kutztown University Master of Business Administration (MBA) program: 

1. Each student will be prepared to apply leadership and management theories to
    achieve organizational goals.

      a)  Students will be able to analyze strategic organizational
           activities in order to formulate plans to improve efficiency and

2. Each student will be prepared to analyze information to make sound
    organizational  decisions.

      a)    Students will be able to utilize business information to support
             organizational decision making;

      b)    Students will be able to apply quantitative and qualitative
             techniques to the analysis of  information

      c)    Students will learn to interpret and communicate data to
             support sound decision-making;

      d)   Students will be able to utilize information technologies as
            they influence the management of organizations and

3. Each student will be prepared to analyze global environmental trends affecting

      a)   Students will be able to analyze, interpret and communicate
            the sociocultural and cross-cultural influences affecting
            business decisions;

4. Each student will understand the importance of ethical and socially responsible 
     organizational decision-making.

      a)   Students will develop the capability to identify and evaluate
            business decisions ethically.