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Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

2.3.a   Description of the unit's assessment system in detail including the requirements and key assessments used at transition points

2.3.b  Admission criteria and data from key assessments used for entry to program

2.3.c   Policies, procedures and practices for ensuring that key assessments of candidate performance and evaluations of program quality and unit operations are fair, accurate, consistent, and free of bias

2.3.d   Policies, procedures and practices for ensuring that data are regularly collected, compiled, aggregated, summarized, analyzed, and used for continuous improvement

2.3.e   Data and summaries of results on key assessments disaggregated by program

2.3.f   Policies, procedures and practices for managing candidate complaints

2.3.g   File of candidate complaints and the unit's responses and resolutions (Available during site visit)

2.3.h   Examples of significant changes made to courses, programs, and the unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system