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Why Study With Us?

Stephanie Kay"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for everything you've done for me this semester. I wish I had the opportunity to take you for other courses! You always made my day a little brighter whenever I saw you, whether it was in practicum or when you came to observe. Thank you for all the guidance you provided and answering my almost-weekly email about the most minute details that probably didn't matter in the long run. Thank you for just being supportive with everything."

Stephanie Kay
B.S.Ed. Kutztown University 2016
Special Education and Middle Level Education

Kaity Midiri

"This is my first encounter with the Kutztown program and I must say I am very impressed.  I typically have student teachers from several other universities.  I really like the idea of your pro-sem program.  That is a great idea.  Most schools do not run the education program that way.  Getting students working hard in the classrooms early is really key for success and knowing if this is the career for them.

I have been in contact with our HR department trying to get a job interview for the KU student. She's THAT good. It would be a dream to work with her, but just to have her hired by the district would be great too."

Kaitlyn Midiri
First Grade Teacher
Downington Area School District 

denise wagner

"I am a 1991 graduate from Kutztown University. I wanted to take a moment and write a letter of thanks for my education gained at Kutztown University.  Before I graduated, I had a teaching job waiting and haven't stopped teaching for 28 years.  I have had multiple experiences in elementary and special education. During my career those experiences range from teaching every grade but first grade to witnessing a school shooting.  Through it all, I felt I was prepared for all tasks that came my way.  I had knowledgeable professors that always told us the truth of fighting "a war" but knowing we may only win "a battle."  With that, I continue to move forward knowing that the students and their needs are our primary purpose as their educator.

Getting dual certification from KU was a true blessing and way before its time.  I was just recently awarded the 2016-2017 Impact Award through WGAL. This television station covers the Susquehanna Valley.  It is an award designed to recognize teachers who have made a significant difference in the lives of their students.  My professors from Kutztown had a huge impact on me and my career as an educator.  I am currently a Life Skills teacher where my dual degree is of tremendous use.  I truly love my job and students!  I hope others feel as equally blessed for their time learning at Kutztown."

Denise D. Wagner
Special Education/Life Skills Teacher
Red Lion Area Senior High School
Red Lion, PA

"Kutztown University prepares their students to be excellent educators.  Committed to always ensuring that they focus on what's best for students above all else, Kutztown students continually amaze me with their ferocious dedication to ensuring students have what they need to be successful.  As a principal in Philadelphia it is not always easy finding hard working, passionate, and effective educators to fill teacher vacancies.  By partnering with Kutztown, I have hired three incredibly talented educators - all Kutztown University graduates - whom I would like to duplicate.  A combination of a positive mind set, a team player attitude, and the knowledge and skills to move students forward academically and socially/emotionally, Kutztown is at the top of my list for recruiting and hiring potential teachers.  I look forward to hiring more Kutztown University graduates because I am confident in their abilities to produce outstanding results for children.  Kutztown graduates believe that all students, regardless of economic background or zip code, have the ability to be successful.  Receptive to feedback and willing to grow, Kutztown graduates are the best type of teachers to hire because they have a desire every day to improve their craft and achieve better outcomes for students.  Thank you for providing a strong foundation for teachers to build their futures upon because the impact of having a fantastic teacher in front of students is undeniable. We need more Kutztown University graduates in front of students."

Meredith Foote, Principal
Overbrook Educational Center
School Dristrict of Philadelphia

Zach Snyder"I thought of the faculty in Elementary Education when I was talking to a parent I know about the M. Ed. Cert programs offered at KU.  Their daughter was interested in the programs and was comparing with other options.  I let her know how great my experience was and she said she would be applying to KU after talking about it.  She is in a similar situation to what I was when I decided to go the teaching route after my undergrad degree.

I took a position as a fourth grade teacher at Manheim Township School District and it has been awesome so far!  I always remember how the program at KU helped get me ready for what I see and do each day.  Being able to experience student teaching in an urban setting was exactly what I needed to be able to teach in Harrisburg in my first full-time position.  I highly recommend student teaching in urban schools to anyone who isn't sure if it is worth the experience.  It is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I just wanted to say thanks again and hope that everything at KU is going well!"

Zach Snyder
Fourth Grade Teacher
Manheim Township School District