Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico

Kutztown University offers an exciting opportunity for Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico. The Ramey School is a K-12 U.S. Department of Defense School located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Please see the following program details regarding this exciting possibility.


  • Available to students in the following certification programs:
    • Elementary Education
    • Secondary Education
    • Library Science
    • Art Education
    • Music Education


  • Available for the second half only of either the fall or spring semester


  • Placements in Puerto Rico will depend on certification areas and availability of school personnel
  • Placements will complement the Teacher Candidate's first experience in Pennsylvania


  • Supervision will be conducted by Kutztown University supervisors


  • Begins on the Saturday after the first assignment ends
  • Flights depart from Newark NJ or Philadelphia and arrive in Aguadilla.


  • The Clinical Experience Evaluation (PDE 430) will be used for all teacher candidates in Puerto Rico
  • The cooperating teacher and the college supervisor will submit final evaluations

Application & Screening Procedures

  • Interested students must attend a scheduled meeting to receive an Application Packet
  • The Application Form and three (3) Faculty Recommendations must be completed by the designated date
  • Based on the Application materials submitted, selected students will be invited for interviews conducted by faculty
  • Three to six students will be invited to participate in the Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico Program
  • If approved, the students are required to:
    • Have a satisfactory rating from their cooperating teacher and section coordinator in the professional semester and/or early field experience
    • Have a successful first placement evaluation for Clinical Experience
  • Secure a passport
  • Provide proof of health insurance
  • Provide proof of liability insurance
  • Provide clear background checks
  • Provide an official transcript

Estimated Costs for Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico

  • Airfare @ $ 300.00 to 500.00
  • Tuition - Paid to Kutztown University
  • Room @ $ 1500.00   (subject to change)
  • Personal Expenses @ $ 1,600.00  (on your own)
    • Food
    • Side Trips
    • Entertainment


  • Students who are accepted for this program register for all credits of Clinical Experience at Kutztown University, the second half of which will be completed in Puerto Rico
  • You will register for Clinical Experience as per your designated major

Payment of Tuition Fees

  • Tuition fees for Clinical Experience credits must be paid to KU by the established due date

Room and Board

  • Students will be housed in furnished guest housing at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Borinquen, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  • The use of Coast Guard facilities (i.e. library, computer center, gym, etc.) will be available

Airfare and Travel

  • Students arrive in Puerto Rico on a specified day and at a specified time to facilitate ground transportation
    • Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, you will be met as a group at the airport and transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station housing
    • Berkleigh Travel Agency, Kutztown PA, will secure round trip airline tickets to Puerto Rico arriving at and departing from Aguadilla


  • Professional liability and medical insurance coverage must be valid during the entire clinical experience
  • Students must have medical coverage that will pay expenses while in Puerto Rico should the need arise

Orientation Sessions

  • Upon selection, the student must attend an orientation session conducted by the Office of Clinical Experience to prepare for this experience
  • The student will be expected to be somewhat knowledgeable about Puerto Rico and the Department of Defense Schools

Exit Survey

  • All students must attend an exit interview about their experience upon return
  • Exit interviews will be conducted the day before graduation

Please visit the Ramey website to learn more about the school: