Professionalism & Preparation

Pay attention to daily duties, as assigned by your cooperating teacher and university supervisor. Clinical experience is a full-time responsibility and must take precedence over other commitments. You follow a full day, five day a week schedule and report to and depart from the school (or agency) on the same schedule required of your cooperating teacher. You must be prepared to spend additional time before or after school in order to plan with your cooperating teacher. You are expected to attend school open house programs, parent-teacher conferences, professional development programs, faculty meetings and other activates unless specifically prohibited by the school administration. You are expected to maintain confidentiality during the clinical experience. Do not discuss confidential information about teacher candidates or school issues in public places with individuals that do not have a need to know. You are expected to be professional with administrators, teachers, and teacher candidates in the school or agency. Receiving calls on a cell phone during the school day is not considered an acceptable professional practice. Personal cell phones must be turned off during school hours.

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Teacher Candidate "Guidelines for Success"

1. Be Prepared
Study the Clinical Experience Handbook thoroughly. It contains a wealth of useful information. Demonstrate that you are well prepared for teaching by your daily planning, by your scholarship, and by your resourcefulness.

2. Be Conscious of Your Image

You are a worthy entrant into teaching, an influential and respected profession. You are a product of Kutztown University, an outstanding teacher education institution. By your attitude, your bearing, your grooming, and your dress, you will present an eloquent testimony to your personal and professional credentials. The impression you make in clinical experience is important in helping you to secure employment.

3. Be Responsible

For eight weeks you should expect to be an "associate teacher" in the school to which you are assigned. This means functioning as a bona fide teacher, subject to whatever boundaries your cooperating teacher may set. It means that you must follow the time schedule of the school in which you are teaching, being very conscientious about punctuality and faithful attendance. You may well be asked to assist in remedial instruction, professional activities, and/or other extra class duties. It is reasonable to expect that you will be given routine chores. This is a part of your education program.

4. Be Realistic

Even the most ideal teaching situation has its unexciting aspects. Being a good member of the "team" always involves acceptance of some administrative and clerical details. The dedicated teacher performs these tasks without real unhappiness because they can be so greatly overshadowed by the excitement of learning and the involvement with vital young personalities. You will find that not all pupils are eager to learn. Some are lazy, some are uncooperative, some are rebellious. Many of them will test your patience, your tact, your ability to secure compliance. Be fair but firm. Show that you care about the individual. Seek help or advice when you need it.

5. Be Assured

Every beginning teacher has suffered the same pangs of nervous uncertainty that you are no doubt experiencing. There is every reason to believe that you will succeed in your first teaching efforts. Clinical Experience will be one of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding experiences in your lifetime.

Career closet at Kutztown

Kutztown Career Closet

In a joint effort between the Career Development Center and TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSSP), Kutztown University is proud to announce a permanent Career Closet for students. The career closet features professional clothing for any students interested. To browse the Career Closet, students should stop by the Career Development Center in Stratton 113. Men and women's professional clothing is available for the suggested donation of $2 per piece. All proceeds are donated to TRIO SSSP's student scholarship fund. In addition to the permanent Career Closet, TRIO SSSP will host pop-up shops twice a year in different locations on-campus. Donations of new or gently used professional clothing can be made in Stratton 113. For more information, please contact