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Application & Admission

Application Procedure 

The Graduate Admission Office coordinates the admission process for all applicants to graduate programs at KU.      

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Admissions Checklist  

For ALL Applicants

___ _ Completed Application Form located on the Graduate Admissions Webpage

____  Processing Fee

____  3 Letters of Recommendation written within the last 2 years (at least one academic reference if applicant graduated within the last 5 years)

_____ Bachelor degree transcripts received (3.0 GPA)* or a Master's level transcript with a 3.0 or better

_____ One-page, typed resume of employment and education history

_____ Psychobiographical Statement - 1000 words, typed The psychobiography is the applicant's own story and, as such, should describe the applicant's psychosocial development. The psychobiography should include a reflection on early influences (family, significant others, economic, ethnicity, culture, important personal events). Applicants should also discuss the course of their emotional, intellectual, and personal development as it relates to their chosen program of study. The psychobiography should also address questions such as: a) How did I learn to cope with problems and stress? b) What values were instilled, accepted, and rejected? c) How did I become the person I am? d) What are my strengths and weaknesses? and, e) What do I hope for in the future. In addition, the applicant should describe how he/she made the decision to seek a graduate degree.

Conditional Admission:  *If GPA is below the 3.0 requirement, the application will be considered for Conditional Admission by the Department's Admissions Committee.  The Admissions Committee will determine if the other components of the student's application are strong enough for conditional acceptance.  To remain in the program, Conditionally Admitted students must achieve a B or better in a minimum of two COU courses.  

To begin study in the Fall Semester - February 1 for early review and decision; March 1 for regular review and decision.
To begin study in the Spring Semester - September 1 for early review and decision; October 1 for regular review and decision 

Post-Master School Certification Admissions

Applicants holding a counseling or counseling-related degree, returning only for School Counseling Certification can apply by completing regular graduate admissions process. Transcripts will be reviewed after application to determine related courses. If accepted, the COU faculty will assist in course selection and enrollment.  

Post-Master School Certification (Second Certification)

Applicants holding a School Counseling Certification in one area (Elementary or Secondary) may return to complete the requirements for the PreK-12 Certification by completing regular graduate admissions process.  If accepted,the COU faculty will assist in course selection based on the requirements specified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).    

Post-Master Licensure Credit Admissions

Professional Credits students, who hold a Master degree in Counseling or a Counseling-related field, can meet the 60 credit hour Licensed Professional Counselor requirement by admission through the Graduate Admissions Office and the COU department.  Applicants pursuing this option will contact the Licensing Board prior to application.  The Licensing Board will review the applicant's transcript and identify the courses needed to meet the Licensure requirements.  The applicant will then provide the Department with a list of courses required by the Licensing Board to meet the current licensure requirements.  

Professional Credit Admissions
The Professional Credit option gives students the opportunity to take courses in non-degree status. Departmental approval is required for professional credits students wishing to enroll in COU courses. Professional Credit students are not eligible for financial aid and must be paid for out of pocket or by an employer. Successfully completing courses as a Professional Credits student does not guarantee admission into a KU Master degree program.  

Application Limit: Applicants to COU Programs may re-apply only once after initial application has been denied. Regardless of the situation, the Department will not accept a third application to any of its programs.