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Master of Science in School Counseling

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The Department of Counselor Education offers a Master of Science degree in School Counseling designed to prepare counselors to work as Professional School Counselors in PreK-12 school settings.  The 51-credit School Counseling option meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education's requirements for the PreK-12 Pennsylvania School Counseling Certification. The 60-credit School Certification and Licensure option meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education's requirements to be a PreK-12 Pennsylvania Certified School Counselor and meets the academic requirements for the Licensed Professional Counselor credential.  

The program consists of core counseling courses, specialty area courses, and 700 hours of  field experience.  All school counseling students (60-credit option or 51-credit option) are eligible to sit for the PRAXIS exam.  Upon successful program completion and qualifying score on the Professional School Counselor PRAXIS examination, certification as a Professional School Counselor is granted through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.   Students who complete the 60-credit option meet the educational requirements for state licensure in Professional Counseling and are eligible to take the National Certified Counselor (NCC) examination, a state licensure prerequisite.  

Both school counselor preparation programs are structured around several core tenets:  

·      Development of personal awareness of self as a counselor

·      Knowledge of counseling and educational concepts

·      Skills in counseling students at a variety of age and developmental levels  

Included in the program are an emphasis on developing assessment and research skills and using research findings in school counseling.  The School Counseling program effectively prepares graduates for a broad range of career possibilities, including working in public and private school settings, community settings, hospitals, educational institutions, Veterans Administration treatment centers, and private practice settings.  

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