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B.S.: 4-8

Pennsylvania's Middle Level preparation program guidelines require a concentration in two academic content areas.  All of the options require a Professional Core of courses, field experiences and student teaching. (Required 123 credits)

Each content area has its own section with competencies that must be included in the program design.  The Professional Core includes courses in cognitive development and adolescent development and is specifically designed to build:

  • understanding of the middle school student
  • understanding and using data for assessment and effective teacher interventions
  • adaptations and accommodations of diverse students in an inclusive setting
  • meeting the needs of English Language Learners
  • developmental field experiences and student teaching

The Upper Elementary/Middle Level program design requires a concentration in two content areas.  Teacher candidates would need to complete a minimum of 21 credits in each content area concentration, as well as 12 credits in each of the two remaining content areas.  The two concentrations also require 27 credit hours in the Professional Core, and 12 credits in student teaching.  Candidates are required to choose either mathematics or science as one of the two concentration areas.  The following five concentration combinations are possible:

  1. Mathematics and Science
  2. Mathematics and English/Language Arts and Reading
  3. Mathematics and Social Studies
  4. Science and English/Language Arts and Reading
  5. Science and Social Studies