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Professional Semester Program

The Professional Semester Program offers teacher candidates a pre-student teaching experience that has become the cornerstone of the Education program at Kutztown University. Students enroll in a block of five required courses. All five courses relate directly to the teaching profession and are required for the individual's major. The semester is divided into two parts, consisting of approximately eight weeks of classes on campus followed by seven weeks of practical experience working daily in an elementary or middle school classroom. This extensive, well-structured field component is guided by a skilled cooperating teacher and supervised by a team of Kutztown University faculty. The blend of theory with practical classroom experience provides a unique opportunity for teacher candidates to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are the foundation of a successful student teaching experience.

Professional Semester in a Few Words       
1.   Apprenticeship
2.   University - school district partnership
3.   Involvement in anything and everything
4.   Reflections on instructional decisions
5.   Co-planning and co-teaching
  6.   Short term tasks
7.   Variety of experiences
8.   Continuous formative evaluation
9.   Visits and observations by KU faculty
10. Seminars with KU faculty coordinator

Professional Semester Program Co - Coordinators
Dr. Krista Varano: PreK-4 program; Dr. Patricia Lutz, 4 - 8 program