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About the Professional Semester

The professional semester in Elementary Education is a semester in which candidates take a block of five required courses in the major. All five courses relate directly to the teaching profession and are required for Elementary Education majors PreK-4 and 4-8 (all subject areas), Special Education dual majors, and most Post-Baccalaureate certification candidates. The semester is divided into two parts of roughly eight weeks of classes on campus and seven weeks practical experience working in an elementary or middle school classroom, five days a week following a teacher's day.

A pre-registration meeting is held for teacher candidates who are eligible for the professional semester (see Eligibility). These meetings are held in late September for the Spring professional semester and early February for the Fall professional semester. Pre-registration meetings are announced at the beginning of each semester through: the KU-COE listserve, the University Brief, posters and bulletin boards around campus, and in EEU/ELU courses. Attendance at the pre-registration meeting is required and registration for professional semester courses in the block will not be permitted without departmental clearance, which starts at this meeting.

During the pre-registration meeting, teacher candidates will be provided with the following information:

  • Overview of the purposes, schedule, and expectations for professional semester
  • Professional Semester Application form (to be filled out by teacher candidate)
  • Instructions for registering for professional semester block courses
  • Process for approval and professional semester section assignment