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For Students & Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers: The Elementary Education Department would like to thank you for agreeing to work with our teacher candidates in the field. The time that you spend working with Kutztown University students is appreciated. In order to help ease the process of hosting a Kutztown University professional semester student, below are some links that provide information, forms, and documents that you may find useful while working with your professional semester student. Thank you again for your committment to providing guidance and instruction to Kutztown University teacher candidates.

Students: As you begin the professional smester please access the links below for additional information, documents, and forms that you will need throughout your field experience.

Eligibility - requirements for entering professional semester

Data Sheet - area where personal information is kept for the professional semester student

Core Assignments for Required Courses - lessons required to be completed during the field experience

Involvement & Expectations -  overview of classroom involvement and expectations for teacher candidates

Lesson Planning - resources to help guide your lesson plans (includes lesson plan template)

Evaluation Forms - forms to be completed by cooperating teachers, Kutztown University faculty, and teacher candidates