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The following are awards that students majoring in Elementary Education can apply for during the Professional Semester:

Elaine M. Smith ('44) Elementary Education Scholarship

One student per section forms the pool of applicants from the Fall and Spring Semester of each academic year. Any Elementary Education majors, including Special Education dual majors are eligibile. The scholarship is announced at the May Honors Ceremony in the Spring.


  • Full time student, regardless of financial need
  • Achieved exemplary grades in the professional semester block of courses
  • Met or exceeded all expectations on the section coordinator's final field experience evaluation
  • Shown potential for becoming an exemplary classroom teacher and an asset to the profession
  • Demonstrated the profile of a "lifelong learner"

As part of the application process, students must submit a minimum five hundred word essay explaining both of the following:

  • How s/he demonstrated exemplary achievement in the areas on the professional smester final evaluation form
  • What it means to be a "lifelong learner"

Applications are submitted to the Special Education Department Office and a subcommittee of the Professional Semester Committee selects the winner.


Katherine D. Christ Award

One student per section forms the pool of applicants from the Fall and Spring Semester and are announced at the May Honors Ceremony the following Spring.


  • Full time undergraduate student with financial need
  • Major in Elementary Education
  • Liklihood of success in teaching

Recommendation is written by the section coordinator and submitted to the Elementary Education Department Office. The Katherine D. Christ Committee will then select the winner of the award from the pool of applicants.


Elementary and Special Education Excellence Award

This award is a collaborative effort to recognize and reward excellence demonstrated by teacher candidates who have completed their professional semester. Teacher candidates majoring in Elementary Education or who are dual majors in Special Education and Elementary Education are eligible to apply for the award upon completion of the professional semester if they have a minimum 3.25 GPA. Teacher candidates will nominate themselves for this award by submitting a letter of application, a personal profile essay, and the evaluation form completed by their cooperating teacher. Each semester a committee will review the applications and select an Elementary Education major and a Special Education/Elementary Education major as the award recipients.