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Core Assignments

Note to Cooperating Teachers: During the field experience component of the Professional Semester Program, teacher candidates are required to complete specific core assignments. The core assignments are capstone activities designed to address specific accreditation standards across all sections of each methodology course. In general, teacher candidates are asked to plan, implement, and evaluate a lesson within each subject area. The Professional Semester faculty recognizes that Kutztown University's teacher candidates are guests in the schools. Teacher candidates are instructed that, for all core assignments completed during the field component of the program, the nature and content of learning activities are to be decided in conjunction with the cooperating teacher. Any activities or lessons implemented by the teacher candidates are to be based, first and foremost, on the school curriculum and the needs of the students. 

Requirements for All Field Assignments: All Professional Semester core assignments are due on or before the Thursday of the sixth week of field experience. Each core assignment is to be submitted to the professor teaching the course for which the assignment was completed. Lesson plans submitted for core assignments are to be detailed written lesson plans in Kutztown University lesson plan format. Additional directions for each assignment will be provided in class by the instructor of each course prior to the end of the on-campus component of Professional Semester.

PreK-4 Core Assignments

4-8 Core Assignments