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Field Observation Requirement

Undergraduate Fieldwork Requirements

Library Education Students
Undergraduate education students are required to participate in a 30-hour field observation experience designed to provide an opportunity for the student to view the wide variety of activities in a library situation. The field observation provides students with a chance to further clarify their career goals and interests in the library field.  In addition, they are placed in the field for a two-week experience in their junior year and a full semester as a senior.

Library Science Students
Undergraduates in the public/special library track are required to complete a 120-hour field experience a libraries of their choice. The experience is a three-credit course, evaluated by the field librarian and a university supervisor.

Read About One Student's Internship Experience (PDF Format)


Graduate Fieldwork Requirements

All graduate students participate in fieldwork and observations as part of each course.

Initial K-12 Library Certification
Students seeking initial certification participate in a 12-credit semester-long clinical field experience (student teaching).

Certificate Extension K-12 Library
Students looking to extend their certificate are enrolled in a 3-credit course (LLT 590) that documents all field experiences and provides capstone hours to complete the PDE-required, minimum 100 hours (in lieu of student teaching).

A portfolio provides the authentic assessment for the accumulated observations.

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