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Student Testimonials

Cathy Breisacher

I thoroughly enjoy being enrolled in Kutztown University's Desire2Learn online program.  Aside from the convenience and flexibility that the program affords by being able to study from home, the design of the program suits my learning style perfectly.  Each class is structured in such a way that I can pace myself through the course.  Also, it is enjoyable to "hear" from all members of the class.  Everyone has valuable input based on their knowledge and experiences and through the online program it is possible to gain ideas and impressions from each person.  I also like that I am able to consider my responses before posting them, something that is not always possible in a typical classroom setting.  Therefore, it makes for a comfortable sharing environment, since I am able to weigh out my thoughts for a while and still be able to contribute to each class lesson.  Another added benefit to the program is the ongoing availability of class discussions and resources, enabling me to review comments and information at any time.  Finally, the professors are extremely helpful, supportive, resourceful and personal.  I have learned a tremendous amount of information in all of my classes.  In fact, I feel I am gaining more from online courses than I did in many of my traditional classes.  Online programs make learning an active process.  I look forward to logging on each day to see what discoveries I will make!

~Cathy Breisacher
MLS student


"I enrolled in the MLS program in spring 2010 and am thrilled to be starting my first year as a school librarian less than two years later. I am confident in stating I've earned my degree from a stellar graduate program, and it is the people involved who make it so successful.

My former classmates - some of them educators, others hard-working undergrads - were valuable connections for me and whom I look forward to seeing each year at several fun Library Science Department events. The professors who taught me, both online and in class, were consistently engaging and inspiring, and I always felt I could contact them with any questions about my coursework. The teaching strategies and tech tools I learned about through my classes are invaluable to me as I begin my career. I feel fully prepared to meet the challenges of the quickly changing field that is Library Science."

~ Molly McLeod
Master of Library Science Program Graduate, May 2011

"In the summer of 2006 I began researching Master of Library Science programs in the tri-state area and found that many of the programs were online with no person-to-person interaction. As an educator, I know the value of meeting with colleagues and wanted a program that allowed for in-person interaction. The first time I met the department chair, Dr. Eloise Long, I knew that I was making the right decision by attending Kutztown University. Dr. Long mapped out a course of study in our first meeting that allowed me to take courses in a timely fashion while still working in the classroom as a teacher.

The biggest advantage of having my MLS from Kutztown University is the personal connections I have made with faculty and fellow students, who genuinely care about one another and take an interest in each others' lives and professional goals. I am still a part of the Library Science Department through book reviews, the annual literature conference, and the personal connections I have made during my time in the program."

~ Robin Burns
Master of Library Science Program Graduate

"In 2003, after being a stay-at-home mom for fourteen years, I was hired by the Nazareth Area School District to serve as a library assistant in one of our elementary schools. I was anxious to get back in the workforce, but I loved the work right from the start. After five years, I decided to look into becoming a certified school librarian. In the spring of 2008, I visited Kutztown University and met with Dr. Eloise Long, Chair of the Department of Library Science/Instructional Technology. She outlined several tracks, and one was geared exactly for my situation. I left that meeting encouraged and excited. I signed up for my first class that summer. I had not been a student in a college classroom in almost twenty-five years. Needless to say, I was intimidated in the beginning, but the professors were always accommodating and understanding. They were experts in their field and were more than generous with their knowledge and ideas.

Some of the classes were face-to-face. many were delivered online, and several utilized both methods. I liked the variety! Because I had been working in a school library, I was familiar with some of the course content. Nevertheless, each class I took emphasized the value of the school library and how to establish a successful program. The technology piece was still somewhat foreign to me. I was not looking forward to the IT classes, but, again, the professors were aware that the experience level of each student varied. They remained patient and supportive, while opening my eyes to the value of technology in the classroom and the world. I am no longer afraid to try and navigate my way around today's technology. I now welcome the challenge!

I have talked to many individuals interested in Library Science and would highly recommend the program offered at Kutztown University. It has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build a flourishing, fun library program for our students in Nazareth.

Regarding the ITC 515 course:

I sort of stumbled into ITC 515 when one of my electives was cancelled. As I mentioned earlier, the technology classes intimidate me! Thankfully, Professor Jefferson was a calming factor right from the start. I was the oldest student and assumed all the others were proficient when it came to technology. I was mistaken, and pleasantly surprised that we were all in the same boat. I loved meeting once a week for five weeks. Professor Jefferson made sure we knew that he was available most every day in between if we needed any one-on-one assistance. Learning Word and Publisher has opened all sorts of opportunities to use these programs. This year I am publishing a newsletter for parents outlining what we are doing in the library. I was able to quickly and easily design weekly forms and schedules for the library. The only drawback I have found is that we learned Word 2007, and our school has an older version. Overall, the class was extremely beneficial to me both personally and professionally."

~ Laura Fuller
Master of Library Science Program Graduate


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