Middle Level Conference

The Middle Level Regional Conference has been an extremely successful outreach event for the College of Education and the Kutztown University community.  Held every fall since 1996, it attracts middle level educators from the eastern part of Pennsylvania.

The conference contributes to the university's mission by providing novice and expert level teachers an experience which promotes the philosophy of teacher as a lifelong learner.  The conference started out small and has grown to over 500 preservice and inservice teachers.  The Middle Level conference has responded to changes in the environment by emphasizing middle level education and collaboration between local school districts and the university.  There are ten principals, representing ten school districts, who are actively involved in developing the conference program and coordinating its speakers.

Kutztown student teachers and regional inservice teachers attend the conference in equal numbers. The conference includes all education majors at Kutztown University.

If the Middle Level Conference did not exist at Kutztown University, the teaching candidates may not have exposure to middle level teaching, even though they would be eligible to teach at the middle level upon graduation and certification.

The use of technology is emphasized at the conference.  There are always featured presenters who demonstrate technology in middle level classrooms.

This program's evaluations are consistently excellent.  Teachers rate both the keynote speakers and the small group presentations very highly.  The reputation of the conference has spread throughout the area.

The program attracts over 500 educators.  We are only limited by space and available rooms for presentations. There is a $35 registration fee for inservice teachers.

The high level of local school district participation confirms the interest and need for programs that focus on the middle level.  It is an excellent program that displays Kutztown University in a positive light.